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First Love

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Sermon; Feb 17, 2018
God's Perseverance With His Saints (Part One)

Martin Collins, assuring us that those whom God has called will be kept safe, protected, and sanctified, reminds us that: 1) No one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him, 2) All whom the Father has given to Him will come to Him, and 3) None of those who come to Him will be lost. In the prayer Jesus offered on behalf of His disciples, recorded in John 17, Jesus also prays for those called in the future, asking for their safe-keeping, sanctification, unity, and fellowship, all referring to spiritual things—protection from evil, separation from the world, and training for future responsibilities in God's Kingdom. Before our lives conclude, we will all be assaulted by Satan, the World, and our Own flesh, making us realize that apart from God's perseverance, we would all be lost. The pressure on God's saints is greater than on any other people. God as our true Shepherd provides total protection on His called out-ones forever. He is able to find the scattered sheep whom the hireling shepherds have abandoned. Being kept in God's name refers to assimilating the attributes of God, including joy, holiness, truth, responsibility, unity and love. Joy seems to be an endangered characteristic among today's saints, in contrast to the members of the first century congregations. We may ask, "How can joy exist amidst trials and suffering?" Joy comes from taking our minds off circumstances and focusing upon the mind of Christ dwelling in us through God's Holy Spirit. With this indwelling spirit, we must develop a vertical relationship with our Heavenly Father, realizing that what He puts us through develops His attributes in us, and a horizontal relationship with our fellow offspring, avoiding the deleterious influence of the secular church, with its Marxist agenda, ignoring God's commandments, and instead creating militant social justice warriors, while neglecting the duties of preparing the Bride of Christ. God has separated us out to love and obey Him and teach others to do the same.

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Article; June 1998
Recapture Your First Love!

Just how do you rend your heart? John Reid describes how searching for instruction on rending the heart, he came across an answer: Recapture your first love!

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Prophecy Watch; February 1996
Prophecy in Song

Can a book like the Song of Songs contain prophecy that is applicable to today? Richard Ritenbaugh shows that, far from being just a book about married love, the Song of Songs relates to the present condition of the church.

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Article; September 1994
God Our Provider

The story of building the Tabernacle serves as an encouraging example for us today as we colaborate with God in building His church. God will provide what we need to finish the job to His specifications!

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Sermon; Oct 23, 1993
Conviction and Moses

Conversion is a growing relationship with God, and thus it is a process that, if not worked on, will deteriorate. Like a dating couple, if the partners in this relationship do not spend time with each other and become closer, they will drift apart. Conviction is paramount to this process: We must be absolutely loyal and faithful to God. Our conviction reveals itself in living by faith. The life of Moses is a stunning example of how a "convicted" Christian should live.

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