Commentary: The High Cost of Hypocrisy

The Unspoken Motivation of Some of What Is Said

Given 14-Aug-10; 11 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting that most of the commentaries deal with economic issues, speculates that envy over Israel's wealth have triggered jealousy among gentiles. Economic issues seem to be the primary reasons nations go to war. The invasion of illegal aliens has put strain on American hospitals, with a startling annual cost of 27 billion dollars. Our current administration will not admit that being in the country illegally constitutes a crime. The tax payers are totally ignored when hospitals calculate the burdensome cost of caring for these illegals. The recent dispatching of troops on the southern border is a dubious accomplishment when we learn that they have NO AUTHORITY to enforce laws. In the meantime, Michelle Obama has behaved like America's Marie Antoinette, flaunting her opulence paid for by America's taxpayers.

You may wonder why so many of my commentaries focus on money issues. Well, it's because we are first of all involved in the deepest economic stress this nation has been enduring since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It is therefore a current issue facing all of us to one degree or another.

Second, money (or perhaps "wealth" would be a more general term) is ultimately what virtually all wars are fought over. People fight over population, minerals, land or territory, and about the only other major cause that we see in historical references is religious intolerance. Considering that virtually every nation is having to deal with the worldwide economic crisis, we are very well into the preliminaries of the great next World War—World Wide War. So in addition, Jesus warned that during the time preceding His return, we would hear of wars and rumors of wars. So, these commentaries are serving as a bit of a warning.

Brethren, there is passionate anger and envy being expressed all over the world, and much of it is aimed at Britain, Israel, and the United States, whether fairly or unfairly. None of the three nations mentioned are as power powerful as they once were, but the envious people have very long memories.

A third reason is because money is at the heart of enabling us to perceive some of the scope of the motivations behind what is going on domestically, and additionally, evaluating the amounts involved helps expose the immensity of the political hypocrisy that is involved. Two weeks ago, I gave you some figures compiled by some researchers of the estimated costs of the invasion of illegals into the United States, and brethren, it amounts already to hundreds of billions of dollars. In fact, welfare and associates social services payments alone are now costing $190,000,000,000 each and every year, and primary and secondary education of illegals is costing the United States $27,000,000,000 each and every year.

This week I received an email from Mark Schindler of a videotaping of a hearing the took place in the state of Florida, in which individual hospitals were appealing to the state of Florida for financial help in caring for the illegals that is driving them into bankruptcy. So perhaps reducing the scope of the size of the economic costs of this one hospital's plight can help you get a better handle on the magnitude of what is happening step-by-step to American agencies as they are being swallowed up financially.

The woman giving the testimony was the main financial officer of the Martin County Hospital. I do not know what area that's in, but it is in Florida. This videotaping revealed that she stated that the hospital cannot legally refuse to help anybody who enters their emergency unit for treatment. And once there, they cannot be gotten rid of as a patient. She recounted two significant cases involving two illegals. Both men were in the hospital for over two years. Just to give you a little comparison, I was in the hospital with my heart attack for not quite five days, and the bill was $86,000. But both of these men were in the hospital for over two years, each running up a bill of over $1,200,000. The first man was shipped back to his South American homeland—it was either Venezuela or Columbia—at hospital expense of $30,000. The hospital then was sued by this illegal's American citizen family on the basis of his receiving unfair treatment. This case has been going on now for several years, and the hospital has run up a bill of an additional $250,000 in legal fees. It's not over yet.

The second case involves a man still in the hospital still running up bills. He has no family in the United States. But the hospital has appealed to Mexico, his native land, and the Mexican government will not even respond, because if it did, it might tie it to a legal bill. So next, the hospital legal department appealed to the American government. The American government will not extradite the man unless he is guilty of a crime. Even when directly confronted with the question of the man's illegality, the representatives of our government—this administration—will not admit the fact that the man being in the country illegally is a crime.

Brethren, what does it take to be a crime, if there is a secretive political agenda being worked out by the administration? But in the end, the hospital's financial resources are being rapidly drained, and in most cases, they can receive no financial help if the case involves illegals. So how then, brethren, is this affecting the quality of health care the tax-paying and insurance-buying American citizens are receiving at these financially drained hospitals that are mostly in the southern tier of this nation? The reverberations of this cannot be contained to those hospitals. It's going to spread out, and indeed, it is spreading out to include the rest of the United States.

Just before the weekend began, it was finally announced by the administration that troops will be deployed on our southern border. After all this arguing that's been going on for 10 years, and now the court case involving the state of Arizona. However, to the best of my knowledge at this time, no indication was given by the administration as to the measure of authority these troops were given to defend this nation from these border incursions. Surely, some instructions were given. It's going to be interesting to hear what they are. But on the 12 o'clock news I heard today, John McCain was being interviewed and he is already complaining. I'm not holding my breath.

One final item involving money and the administration: Michelle Obama, according to newspaper accounts, has 22 assistants, which, in this time of economic crisis, is costing American taxpayers $1.5 million in salaries alone. This is by far the largest of any American president's wife in the history of the United States. She is now labeled by American newspapers such as the Nashville Tennessean, the Chicago Tribune, and The New York Daily News as "America's Marie Antoinette," following her $400,000, 5-day vacation at taxpayer expense to Spain just a couple of weeks ago, in which she and her whole retinue used the five star hotel requiring between 60 and 70 rooms.

At the very least, it is ill-timed and insensitive, especially coming from these people who claim that they feel our pain. But to me, it's just another example of the hypocrisy by which the government is now very freely operating.


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