Commentary: Everything Is Upside Down

Things Have Radically Changed

Given 06-Jul-13; 9 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, commenting upon the phenomenon of dystopian novels (the antithesis of Utopian novels), suggests that we have crossed the border into the dystopian society, a society in which the Creator is disrespected, booed out of the convention of a major political party, a society in which Satan's standards (abortion, homosexuality) dominate, a society which vilifies their founding fathers, a society which calls Islam a religion of peace despite the insistence in their scriptures that the infidel must be slaughtered, a society in which mothers are encouraged to abandon the home, placing the care of children in the hands of the government, a society in which indebtedness ( both public and private) is encouraged. It is a world in which children our oppressors and women rule as parodies of swaggering tyrannical men) over us, a world where wrong is right and right is wrong, where bad is good and good is bad, where error is truth and truth is error. We are now mere tenants on the government's property with our children trained to spy on their non-conforming parents. Abnormal has become normal and normal has become abnormal. Homosexual rights are protected by the Federal Judicial system, while Christians are subject to lawsuits and other grave penalties. Citizens are allowed a faith, but they cannot follow a religion. Welcome to the former land of the free and the home of the brave. The United States Department of Justice has emulated the Nazi practice of punishing home school advocates if they don't support the party line. The parental rights which have been sacrosanct for millenia has been swept aside in a heartbeat. The city of San Antonio has reported they will hire no more Christians because "Christians cause too much trouble." The Mark of the Beast is imminent.



A number of novels have been written in the past 80 years or so, forecasting a dystopian world coming into existence out of the culture that was, when they were written, normal. Recall that "dystopian" is the opposite of "utopian."

The best known of these novels is 1984 by George Orwell, but there is also Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, and Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler. There are others, but they are all preceded by one titled Erewhon, written by an American by the name of Samuel Butler. His novel was published in 1872 and it's not likely that you ever heard of that one, let alone ever read it. Erewhon is "nowhere" spelled backwards, and his novel describes a world in which everything is done backwards and inefficiently from normal.

Let me welcome you to Erewhon, because we in the Israelitish world have crossed over its borders and are now within its rapidly spreading culture. It is a world in which the Creator is not respected. In fact, He has been publicly booed out of one major political party. It is a world in which one of His mere creations, Satan, and his standards dominate our world. It is a world in which Satan was publicly cheered by pro-abortion demonstrators, as happened in Austin, Texas this very week. It is a world in which the founders of the nation who were formerly esteemed as heroes with courage and wisdom, and possibly even having a measure of godly inspiration in order to accomplish what they did, now are called plantation owners who enslaved us by their laws. Are you aware that this week a small group of people demonstrated against the celebration of Independence Day?

It is a world in which Islam is a "religion of peace," despite the fact that its own scriptures encourage killing the infidel. Erewhon is where homosexuality and lesbianism are applauded, and the murder of babies encouraged by calling it a mere choice, and thus the definition of liberty has been redefined to, "Do not worry about others; just do your own thing." It is where feminism dominates the political arena and job markets, and mothers are encouraged to abandon children and leave the home to work outside of it. It is a world in which national indebtedness is trumpeted as good and beneficial to all, and no real attempt is made to balance the books. It is a world in which personal indebtedness is constantly encouraged. After all, you owe it to yourself. It is a world in which children have taken over the family and dominate its course of living, and Dad and Mom are afraid to say "No!" lest their children, who they are responsible to protect from hurting themselves in some manner the kids can't comprehend, do not love them anymore.

It is a world in which right is wrong and wrong is right, where good is bad and bad is good. Truth is error and error is truth. It is a place where liberty now means we are being spied upon. Instead of being the government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," we are now mere tenants on the government's property. The government, through its schooling program, is making every subtle effort toward conforming our children to willingly accept all of these changes, and at the same time, turning our own children into spies, reporting their non-conforming parents.

Normal, the way that it has always been and seemed so enduringly solid, has become abnormal. And abnormal, the way we never dreamed it would ever be, is now normal. In fact, we have a cliche stamped on the new circumstances, which are called "the new normal."

Did you hear about the photographer living in New Mexico who apparently had a high reputation in her area, but she refused to take photographs of a wedding between two men because it is against her religious faith to participate in such things? And besides that such a marriage is illegal in New Mexico. She was sued by the man who wanted to hire her. Believe it or not, she lost the case and was fined $7,000, despite the fact that the marriage is illegal in the state and despite the adherence to her faith.

A similar situation occurred in the state of Washington, where a lady florist refused to sell flowers to a fairly steady customer who was gay. She would not sell him flowers intended for the wedding because she does not believe in such a union, and she would not support it. She drew a line in the sand. So, the state attorney general of Washington sued her, thus imposing the state of Washington's standard of morality upon her.

What both the federal and the state governments are saying in doing these things is that—mark this well—citizens are certainly allowed to worship, but they cannot follow a religion, a point of faith, that the state disapproves of, even though it is non-violent and no one else gets hurt, except maybe for their feelings.

Welcome to the former land of the free and home of the brave.

One of the new normals taking place is beginning to be effectively moved on by the government so many Americans choose to have by voting for those now in federal offices, who in turn appoint many of the judges of the land making these crazy decisions.

The government's official position regarding home schooling slipped out this past week or so. So many people with respect toward God and Christian values have withdrawn their children from the government schools and placed them in private schools to teach them, or to teach them at home themselves. However, the Department of Justice has revealed this week that it agrees with the philosophy of the German government that are bureaucrats can punish home schooling parents. It has ruled that parental rights to protect their children from instruction that violates their faith (when the government's goal is an open society) is negligible. In other words, the parental right principle that has stood for millennia of time is swept aside in a heartbeat. This decision may not seem like much at this moment, but it is a very small step from that decision on this case to the blanket elimination of home schooling altogether as being rebellion against government because it is of one's faith.

Listen to this, and hang on. Are you aware that the city council of San Antonio, Texas, has a proposal before it that the city we will employ no more Christians? Why? Because Christians cause too much trouble. Because they do not like gays. They do not like lesbians, and they do not like gay marriage.

Well, what is happening, brethren, is that the crushing power of the government is the weapon being used against the individual citizens to whip them into line. And so, brethren, the mark of the beast is just that far away. You better be praying, "Thy kingdom come."