Commentary: A Government To Fear (Part Two)

The Decline of America's Courts

Given 26-Apr-14; 12 minutes

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The secular-progressives have had great success demanding that the civil courts rebuke people acting on matters of conscience, while at the same time they are destroying school prayer, removing replicas of the Ten Commandments from public institutions, enforcing abortion (murder), feminism, homosexuality, and lesbianism with a defiant, cavalier, in-your-face haughtiness, claiming that the doctrines of the Bible are out of date. The 'religious' communities of America are so hopelessly biblically ignorant that they have learned to tolerate wickedness and immorality, accepting it as a norm, putting a stamp of approval of an Executive and Congress which lie as a way of life. Today, our courts have tilted away from the concept of equal justice before the law to a tyrannical jurisprudence which endorses and enforces wickedness and immorality.



In last week's commentary, I briefly covered an ongoing trend in American courts in which matters of conscience-based belief in God's law lose almost continually when they are challenged in the courts.

This trend raised its ugly head about about 50 years ago in the 1960s, whenever groups challenging school prayers and daily Bible readings in public schools managed to win court battles that forced school districts to drop these practices that had existed for well over 100 years by that time.

The anti-God, anti-Bible organizations have pushed from those victories over public school systems into virtually every area of public, moral, and ethical conduct. They name themselves by various terms that indicate liberality of conduct or progressive in thought or action, organizations like the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union. They argue that they are working to free people from bondage to rules of conduct that are inhibitive, enslaving, and binding, so that the public is losing out on liberties that are their rightful possession. They further argue that because citizens are being held back by other citizens having ancient rules of conduct that this nation has outgrown.

Thus, one of their targets was to seek the removal of the 10 Commandments from public display in courthouses, schools, and libraries. And again, they were quite successful. So they moved on from this target to employing the public media, like newspapers, magazine articles, and radio and television broadcasting, by cleverly planting a package of statistical lies in news reports to gain support from a sympathetic public. Thus, they gained legal approval in the courts in behalf of abortion.

Abortion is not liberty. It is nothing more than legalized murder of the unborn. To be free to choose to murder the life one is responsible for and growing within must give one a very liberated sense, seeing that it breaks many chains of marriage and child-rearing responsibilities. And, of course, the atheistic humanists promoting these liberties subtly link both abortion and feminism issues to people's "antiquated" beliefs in the Bible as being a false foundation of the public's outdated marriage customs.

Then came lesbianism and the gay movements to push to gain public acceptance of their lifestyles. Many of those in this collection of personalities have become openly vicious against others who do not accept their version of liberty. Thus, those they feel are resisting must be made to suffer pain.

I know that you are somewhat aware of all of these programs and perhaps more, but I have delivered this commentary in this order so that you can relate better to my purpose. None of this happened all at once. It has happened progressively, and it is continuing to happen.

I've given a series of sermons showing that, though many in this nation consider the United States to be a Christian nation, I believe that my sermons show that we have never been a Christian nation doctrinally. The doctrines of neither Catholicism or Protestantism match the Bible's doctrinal teachings. In addition—and perhaps more importantly—the conduct of some people claiming Christianity is the religion does not match what one finds in the Bible either. There is no doubt that many of the founding leadership of this nation knew a great deal about what the Bible truly does say, and thus, they left us a large number of stirringly beautiful quotes one could use to make a claim for Christianity. But closer examination shows they were not Christian, either. However, there is no doubt whatever they were much better schooled in biblical truths than today's Christians. They at least knew a great deal of what the Bible actually says, and it is right here that I believe is the crux of this commentary. I have no way of setting a figure, but I strongly believe that a huge percentage of the American people are biblical ignoramuses.

Have you ever seen one of those occasions on television when Jay Leno would go out on the sidewalks of New York and ask people incredibly simple questions about American history or geography, and then listen to the stupid responses that he gets? Well, Americans are that way regarding the Bible, too.

According to a recent poll taken by Fox News—listen to this; this is almost mind boggling—61% of those who took the poll believe President Obama is lying to them at least some of the time now. An additional—same poll—20% say that the president lies here and there. That means that 81% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is consistently lying to them. Let me ask a little question here: Is lying immoral? Sadly, however, the president's approval rating on the same poll stands at 42%. And that means that about 40% of the people know the president is a liar, and they do not give a hoot. They do not care.

Lying falls under biblically based morality, and the people do not care. So where are they spiritually? Where are they religiously? Let me make this clear: As ignorant as the general public seems to be regarding what is going on in their own world, in their own time, and on a daily basis, they are even far more ignorant of the Bible's teaching regarding immorality and its effects on the nation. This includes people attending church on a regular basis ,and is caused by a number of factors. One is that many attend church by habit, almost purely for social reasons, and this includes even getting together to talk and being involved in a congregation's charitable efforts. Second is that they are not really studying the Bible and coming to grips with its historically provable teachings regarding cause and effect. Third—and very important—is that they aren't living it throughout the week in their own study and prayer. They aren't believing it, and they aren't living it, and thus its teachings never get ingrained in their mind.

Considering that, how much do you think those who almost never darken the door of a church know about the Bible and are truly studying it? This is the vast majority of Americans. I mean, the vast majority of Americans, including its leaders, its governors, its lawmakers, its attorneys, its judges. Knowledge of God and His Book has been systematically drained from Americans of every level, and it is why these immoral people are winning all the cases in the courts and are guilty of snatching away the liberties of the people they sue and then cause to suffer penalties—and they go scot-free. The courts are absolutely tilted away from equal justice before the law these days, and it is so tilted in favor of the humanist brand of immoral liberties, the innocent are almost surely to suffer.

Speaking of the courts as Solomon observed them:

Ecclesiastes 3:16 Moreover I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment [justice], wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there.

Ecclesiastes 4:1 Then I returned and considered all the oppression that is done under the sun: And look! The tears of the oppressed, but they have no comforter—on the side of their oppressors there is power, but they [the oppressed, who are losing all their liberties] have no comforter.

That's what we live in, and it's been taken away, tiny increment by tiny increment.