Commentary: Another Step Further


Given 26-Jul-14; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting upon C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, in which the seasoned demon Screwtape instructs the novice demon Wormwood on the best practices to corrupt mankind, advocating a gradual piecemeal corruption (like a frog boiling to death as the water incrementally rises from simmering to boiling), suggests that the leadership of the current government, beginning with the President and his handlers, is enacting Executive orders to box in the citizenry, preparing to restrict the movements of all enemies of the State. On July 1, 2014, President Obama, evidently savvy about the impending collapse of the dollar, placed a hold on the money retirees have earned over a lifetime by calling Social Security payments a "benefit" or "government gratuity" instead of recognizing it as money that has been hard-earned. Government has also thumbed its nose at Almighty God, forbidding churches and organizations which 'receive financial help' from the government to discriminate against homosexuals and other individuals who manifest lifestyles condemned in the Scriptures. An extremely ignorant, partisan, corrupt Federal judge in Kentucky deceitfully asserted that "long held beliefs" do not trump the Constitution (a document which is ironically silent about 'homosexual rights' or any other perversion.)



C. S. Lewis, who was one of the most admired Christian apologists of the last century, was the author of a work entitled The Screwtape Letters. Many consider this as being one of his best. In it, Lewis has a senior demon named Screwtape giving advice to a beginner demon named Wormwood on how to get Christians to sin. Screwtape counsels Wormwood that if he wants to set the surest path for the Christian to end his life consigned to the fires of hell, it is the gradual one. That was C. S. Lewis' 1940s' version of our more common metaphor of the frog in the gradually heating water, the idea being that small, incremental changes alert no attention in the person or persons targeted, and so the target ignores what should alert them and they aren't aware that they are sliding into a trap that might be very difficult to get out of.

This was the overall tactic that the Nazis used in Germany to gradually encircle the Jews racially, economically, and religiously, until by the time the majority of the Jews were concerned enough to take action to move from the nation, it was too late.

This reminded me of a time when Evelyn and I were visiting the Black River Canyon of Colorado a number of years ago. When we arrived at the site that had a good view of the canyon, nobody was there. I mean, nobody was in the whole area, and we were out in the middle of nowhere, as the saying goes. However, a couple drove up at the same site in a Mercedes Benz, and that caught my attention because it indicated a bit of wealth. Well, Evelyn began talking to them and discovered that they were a couple of elderly South Africans touring much of the United States. Evelyn mentioned to them that I had traveled to South Africa.

We had a very nice but revealing conversation that led them to tell us that they had a daughter living in Portugal that they very much desired to live near. Part of the reason they wanted to leave was because in South Africa, they said, it was becoming scary. So I asked them, "Is it impossible to move?" It was then that he said, "We can't move out of the country unless we give up our wealth," which apparently was considerable. They felt as though they were between a rock and a hard place. Like the Jews in Nazi Germany, they were already considerably boxed in. However, I found out a few years later that the United States of America came to that wealthy couple's and many other South Africans' rescue by diplomatically and economically threatening South Africa's government with some sort of economic reprisals that if they did not change things to allow people to legally take considerably more money out of Africa if they desired to leave, those reprisals would crunch down on them.

The reason I have looked into this is in order to give you further heads up regarding other steps that are being taking against Americans in general and Christians in particular to box us in. This first one that I'm going to give you is against Americans in general, and it will box some people in.

On July the 1st, a law that may have very far-reaching economic consequences became the law of the land. This law is described by economic advisers as nothing new because it has been done by other nations. However, those nations that have enacted similar laws as the one that came into effect July the 1st have all been in nations that were on the verge of economic collapse.

I do not know many specifics of exactly how this law works, but I do know this: that it puts drastic limits on the movement of cash out of this nation, both by corporations and individuals. The most recent nation to enact a similar law was Greece, and you know what happened to them. Greece had to do this at the insistence of the European Union, and it is described as what a singular citizen deeply in debt would do in order to keep track of and to limit its disbursements in order to hang on to every last penny. It gives the government authority to place severe restrictions on your own personal account, even to the point of confiscating your monies or setting severe restrictions on the amount you are permitted to move in or out during a set period of time. They might tell you that you may only be permitted to withdraw $300 per week from your account. One article that I read forecast that this may very well signal the last step available to the government of the United States before the dollar is devalued and the dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency. That, brethren, would be economically devastating to this nation.

Now, what is the economists' advice? They say, "Do what you know to do to get prepared—that is, within what you have available in your resources. Do it now. Keep only as much cash in the bank as needed to cover your drafts taken from your accounts. And (they said), buy silver and gold even in small amounts. Every little bit helps, especially with silver."

Evelyn and I have been buying colostrum from New Zealand for Evelyn's health for about 2.5 months. In that time—in 2.5 months—the value of the dollar has dropped five cents against the New Zealand dollar. That's not devastating, but it is dropping in value, and that colostrum is getting more and more expensive.

What do they say about a crisis? These economists are estimating that within six months to two years, the dollar will crash. When that happens, inflation is going to set in at a tremendous pace because it's what always happens.

Here is something smaller, affecting smaller issues. President Obama signed an executive order last Monday—this is hot off the press, requiring (and, I should say, forcing) every college, every church, every private school, every charitable organization that receives assistance from federal sources to hire people based on their sexual conduct. Whether you want to or not, it's now the law of the land.

The next possible step . . . because there is a hook that's hidden in there. I recently read within the last few months an email from a man receiving Social Security income in which the check that he received stated that it was a federal benefit. Brethren, that is a lie. This gives the impression that the government came up with the money. Not so! They are giving what we earned back after they held it for a while. It is supposed to be our own money. It's like you put it into the bank account that you earn and you take it back out. All the government is doing (supposedly) is handling the paperwork.

The problem is not any longer—with that "federal benefit" label on it. It's a sneaky way of saying, "We are giving you the money, and thus that money now possesses the possibility that that money can be legally determined to be "government" money, and you might be subject to the same rules now applied to the above-mentioned organizations.

Here is another occasion—this just happened this week or so; no more than a week and a half ago—that gives a clear indication that America is being ruled by corrupt judges. The U. S District Court Judge John G. Heyburn ruled that a Kentucky law prohibiting same sex marriage is unconstitutional. He inferred in his comments that the Constitution that he mentioned was the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution says zilch, nada, zero, nothing anywhere regarding marriage. It also says nothing about murder, rape, incest or theft. The states rule those items.

You see what's happening is that the United States government is taking over every facet of responsibility from the states, regardless. But this one judge overruled tens of thousands of Kentucky voters who challenged the law and wanted to stop any possible "right" for same sex marriage. But the judge went on to say, "In America, even sincere and long held religious beliefs do not trump the constitutional rights of those who happen to be out-voted. Again, he repeated it: No constitutional right when the Constitution says nothing about this issue.