Commentary: Political Correctness in Spades (Part Four)


Given 13-Aug-16; 8 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, detecting a monumental shameless hypocrisy in liberal media reporting, a media which promoted race riots in Baltimore by characterizing the killing of Freddie Gray as police brutality while hypocritically remaining silent when Marian Kerry, an unarmed Black woman who had committed no crime and was not fleeing, was killed by Capitol Police. Black Lives Matter (an organization funded by white billionaire George Soros) has one narrative, and that is to condemn and harass policemen trying to do their jobs under horrendous circumstances. To the state-controlled liberal 'progressive' media, Black lives do not matter if Planned Parenthood stealthily eliminates nearly 400,000 of them each year. Indeed, in the minds of media chiefs, it is clear that Black lives do not matter in cases where young Black males murder other young Black males in stupefying numbers—- another silent epidemic. Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media will continue to ignore these facts of Black lives because they are not part of their sinister race-baiting narrative.



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