Commentary: Destroying America From Within (Part Two)


Given 14-Sep-19; 14 minutes

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God seems to be allowing Satan to brainwash 'progressive,' God-hating leaders and judges with the goal of snuffing out all traces of God and His Laws from American culture. God prepared the North American continent, and other areas, to be an inheritance for Jacob's offspring, and has carefully divided the lands of the sons of Adam, setting boundaries, intending that Jacob's offspring would provide moral leadership to the entire world. Sadly, Jacob's offspring have plunged into apostasy. The nominal Christian churches, by despising God's Law, are part of the problem rather than the solution, enabling and fostering this apostasy rather than crushing it. Recently, "Christians Against Nationalism," part of the Baptist Joint Committee, a group founded in 1936 but defunded and disavowed by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1991, promulgated a set of "Interfaith Principles," advancing that any religion is acceptable. Such ecumenism is loathsome to God, as it forms the heart and core of syncretism, the mixing of paganism with true religion.



My previous commentary was titled "Destroying America From Within." I focused at the beginning of that commentary on how God confounded the common language at the building of the Tower of Babel and the city that was being established surrounding it. He did this because their purpose was in no way honorable to Him and His purposes for creating mankind.

There is a great deal verbal noise heard on the streets of America, but to me, it amounts to nothing more than that—a destructive din that is unified for no purpose but destruction. This is a confounding that I believe that God has no part in, except to allow it to continue until it destroys us as a nation of people. We will not remain a whole lot longer as the United States of America if things like this continue much longer. Our confusion is gradually driving us toward a profound disunity, approaching something closer and closer to open warfare.

God is not the author of this confusion; the wily Satan is. The real opponents are not the Republican and Democrat parties; they are victims, just like everybody else who's been victimized by Satan, and that includes virtually all of mankind. The protagonists are those who are in various stages off believing in God, and some of those very strongly at least really do believe in His existence. Then there are those who make no bones whatsoever that they do not believe at all in a Creator God and the purpose that He has designed for mankind to fulfill.

How could Jesus, our very Creator, say it any clearer than He did in Matthew 5:17, when He stated that we must not think He came to destroy the law and the prophets? And yet, some of those very adherents calling themselves "Christian" believe that He did do away with God's laws. That, to me, is an incredible statement. He did not come to destroy the laws, if they take what He said is being true, but to fill them to their very full. He came to expand their applications to life and to make them clearer and more binding than they ever were.

In the history of mankind, never has there been a nation with such a vast, golden opportunity to really and truly develop the leadership possibilities available to us that God has so generously made. available. Two hundred and fifty years ago, this vast gift—I'm talking about the land of the United States—this vast gift from God to the Israelitish people was virtually empty, virgin territory. But its existence was not unknown. Explorers knew it was here, because I have read accounts of those who did do some exploring left to their posterity long before Columbus ever set sail for what became the West Indies. This gift is of far greater magnitude of potential wealth of all kinds than the Promised Land given to the ancient Israelites.

The Earth is God's creation as a place for living for all peoples. Moses makes it clear in Deuteronomy 32:7-9, saying,

Deuteronomy 32:7-9 “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations. Ask your father, and he will show you; your elders, and they will tell you: When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel. For the LORD’s portion is His people; Jacob is the place of His inheritance.

God has placed the various nations where He desires that they be, and I believe that God has set His chosen people up for the times of the end as we are moving toward them. That is, of course, in Central and Northwest Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each of these nations is having some level of internal strife. But the descendants of Joseph—Britain and the United States—should be providing the leadership for the other families as our forefather Joseph did, but we are not because our attentions are almost totally taken up without the presence of God.

Just a little bit of proof. This is, in one sense, maybe a small thing, a little dot on the history of this nation. But it shows you how far exact we have advanced even in the last 50 or so years—advanced in the wrong direction. Now listen to this example of how this nation's religious people have abandoned the God of heaven and Christianity for their own concepts. I'm going to read you a short portion from an article titled, "When Spiritual Apostasy Rules." It was written and reported by one David Lane. I have never met the man, but I do subscribe to what he publishes because it's usually pretty good. This appeared in my inbox in early August.

Going by the plausible but deceptive name “Christians Against Christian Nationalism,” secular Christians, spearheaded by the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty [BJC], recently announced that “As Christians, we are bound to Christ, not by citizenship, but by faith [that is a true saying]…Whether we worship at a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, America has no second-class faiths.”

They have already stated that there are other faiths on the same level as Christianity. We might say, on the same level as the true religion. It goes on:

Along with six George Soros-funded religious groups and a variety of other non-Christian organizations, the BJC is co-endorser of “An Interfaith Statement of Principles,” which stigmatizes candidates who appeal to voters based on faith as “inappropriate” and “divisive,” and calls for religious appeals to be removed from political campaigns entirely.

I do not know whether you recognize this because you do not realize what a big deal the Baptist church has been in the United States of America. This is one huge verbal atomic bomb. I see two things worth mentioning. This Baptist group is saying, "Let's just leave God out of the administration of this nation," and "Who needs our Redeemer and Savior in order to be accepted into the Kingdom of God?"

This is incredible. Their conclusion is saying, "You can get into the Kingdom of God being a Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. Christ is not needed for salvation because salvation can be found from anyone's religious perspective." This is out and out syncretism, coming from a Baptist church organization, and we wonder why Americans are so confused and angry with each other. Where is the peaceful spirit of God that is supposed to be in them?

This declaration is stating to me that spiritual apostasy is dominating the morality of this nation, and that's why we are so angry with each other. We have grown so liberal in our thinking, we can't really hear what the others are saying. This nation's morality has been spinning toward being entirely out of control since the Warren Count got the word of God kicked out of the government's school systems.

Thus, what we have now here in the United States of America is what Hillary Clinton stated—this was in the last presidential election—as being "freedom of worship." That was really clever. That would trick many people. In other words—let me straighten it out—"Americans are free to worship any God they desire." That was a true statement coming from her. But we are gradually being restricted in having the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is not the same as freedom of worship. Religion is the way of life. And that's what that Baptist statement was saying, "We're free."

So, we are gradually being restricted in having freedom of religion, because true Christian obedience is gradually being squeezed from American life, and thus Americans may admire Christ, but we do not follow Him, step-for-step. The American Christianity is virtually dead in the water.