Commentary: Hollywood Propaganda: The Insidious LGBT Agenda (Part Three)


Given 13-Feb-21; 13 minutes

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To "honor the king" (I Peter 2:17) does not apply to the king's policies if they abnegate God's law. The Disney company was an American cultural icon which formerly was synonymous with wholesomeness and family values. The theme parks and media institutions, as established by Walt Disney around 1955, were family oriented. However, after his death in 1966, a succession of CEOs, beginning with Michael Eisner, driven more by profit than morality, destroyed the largely unsullied reputation enjoyed by Disney Studies, creating in its place an organization advancing perversion and immorality—as graphically described in Isaiah 1:5-6. Under Eisner's watch: 1.) Subsidiary film divisions released R-rated films incrementally exposing unsuspecting Americans to the LGBT agenda by normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism, 2.) Disney Studios showed its support of the LGBT agenda by establishing an annual Disneyland Gay Day, kicking off June as Gay pride month, 3.) Disney Studios became the first major media corporation to extend healthcare benefits to gay and lesbian same-sex partners. God admonishes His people to sigh and cry for the abominations practiced in their land (Ezekiel 9:4).



Proverbs 8:13 teaches us that “to fear the Lord is to hate evil,” whether it originates in our carnal nature, our culture, political scandal, or media propaganda. Indeed, as Kim Myers reminded us last week ["Using Righteous Judgment"], tolerating evil in any form is an affront to God Almighty. The admonition to “honor the king” in I Peter 2:17 does not extend to the king’s policies, especially if the king issues executive orders which are diametrically opposed to God’s law, as our current leader has done for the past four weeks.

Brazenly defying God’s holy laws, which condemn sodomy and murder of unborn infants, the current President and his administration (evidently appointed by Almighty God for a purpose other than righteousness or blessing (referencing Proverbs 16:4; Isaiah 45:7; and Deuteronomy 28:16-68) has chosen the first openly gay cabinet member and the first openly transgender health official—not for the sake of competence or merit, but for identity politics, a deadly affliction which has paralyzed and driven mad a major American political party. In addition, the current President has unwisely pressed for new guidance and leverage that would permit transgender students to access sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms that align with their gender identity—that is, whatever it happens to be at a given moment. As Clyde Finklea reminded us back on January 23, “You can’t fix stupid,” to which I would add, regarding every form of human rulership (monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, or democracy), “if more government is the answer, then the question must have been really stupid.”

In my December 26, 2020 message ["Hollywood Propaganda: The Insidious LGBT Agenda (Part One)"], I revealed that on May 13, 2013, the current President profusely praised the Hollywood movie executives, the change agents of media (which Charles Whitaker told us about in his sermon January 23 ["Living Among the Ruins"]). These change agents are making America ready to accept the LGBT agenda, making it easier to cram ‘progressive’ legislation down the throats of gullible, unsuspecting Americans.

Sadly, perhaps the biggest media change agents for persuading large segments of Jacob’s offspring to accept the normalcy of sexual perversion, accelerating the insidious homosexual, lesbian, and transgender agenda, is the enterprise ironically started by Walt Disney, who undoubtedly would roll over in his grave if he could witness the foul products emanating from his production studios and theme parks, including R-rated motion pictures from subsidiary studios owned by, but not necessarily using, the Disney label and the blatant establishment of Gay Day, kicking off an annual Gay Pride Month in all the Disney theme parks every June in perpetuity.

When my parents took our family to the opening of Disneyland theme park in the summer of 1955, they believed that the Disney name was synonymous with family-friendly values, wholesomeness, and happiness. At that time, it was. If they could be resurrected today, they, along with Walt, would be horrified to see what the productive output of the Disney corporation has become—just another pustulating, putrefying, cancerous sore on modern Israel’s culture, already diseased from head to foot, graphically described in Isaiah 1:5-6.

According to Jeff Truesdell in his lengthy article, “How Gay Day Pushed Disney Out of the Closet,” Walt Disney died in 1966, 18 years before a new CEO named Michael Eisner came to the helm, a man who honored the bottom line (mammon or money) rather than wholesomeness, morality, and family values. Eisner added a Disney cable channel network, a retail network, new resorts, and theme parks, but he also added several subsidiary film divisions (including Lucas Films, Touchstone, Miramax, and Pixar films) in which he could produce R-rated films, incrementally exposing the unwary public to larger and larger doses of sexual perversion.

Interestingly, two days ago, Lucas Films fired actress Gina Carano because of a social media post which likened the experience of the Jews during the holocaust to the U.S. political climate. A spokesman with Lucas Films also criticized her for social media posts mocking mask-wearing during the pandemic and alleged voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election. She also mocked the use of gender pronouns, listing beep/bop/boop in her social media bio. (This is a woman after my own heart!)

Under Eisner’s watch, an institution called Gay Day was instituted, capitulating to pressures from within and outside the corporation. On the first Saturday of June, 1996, 80,000 gays and lesbians swarmed Disney World, Orlando, dressed in red T-shirts to flaunt their economic and political power. The Disney theme parks have formally installed Gay Day in perpetuity, setting off gay pride month, the month of June, evidently to set it apart from Black History Month in February. Eisner falsely equates skin pigmentation and religious orientation with a sexual perversion, a point of view held by the current President, as well as the arrogant political party currently controlling all three branches of the United States government.

Under Eisner’s watch, Disney became the first major media corporation to extend healthcare benefits to gay and lesbian same-sex partners. Eisner approved the formation of a new group in August of 1992, called LEAGUE (Lesbian and Gay United Employees). LEAGUE firmly established Disney as the first film and television studio with a gay employee’s group. Caving into the incessant demands of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Association against Defamation) and to the demands of homosexual screenwriters, directors, and actors from within the Disney organization, Eisner and his successors have attempted to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism, moving it out of the margin into the mainstream of culture. On January 28, 2014, the Disney Channel introduced in the so-called family-friendly show “Good Luck Charlie,” an episode in which two lesbian moms drop off and pick up their child from school, allegedly developed to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.

According to Mark Dice, “The following year on the Disney-owned ABC family channel (which has been renamed “Freeform”), they included a gay kiss in a show called The Fosters between two thirteen-year-old boys.” Peter Paige, the executive producer (who is a self-proclaimed homosexual), expressed intense pride in depicting the “youngest same-sex kiss in television history.” In March of 2017, the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast proudly featured same-sex couples dancing, praised as the “first exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie." The same year, in their animated series, the Disney studios included a “male princess.” The left-wing Huffington Post could hardly contain their excitement, claiming “it was a beautiful message for kids.” The liberal media also gushed over the first same-sex kiss in the animated cartoon media. As one elated Disney producer proclaimed, “The more we show same-sex couples kissing, the younger people will recognize that it’s a normal thing that happens in life—not something strange or perverse that should be feared.”

As God’s saints, we cannot cease from sighing and crying for the damnable abominations which are in our midst (Ezekiel 9:4) which are going to steadily increase as the Beast power will attempt to wear out the saints (Daniel 7:25).

God willing, on April 17 of this year, I hope to bring this series to a conclusion.