Sermon: Using Righteous Judgment


Given 06-Feb-21; 39 minutes

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The world has a politically correct standard of "never judging anyone," but God commands His people to have discernment while denying them the prerogative to pass sentence (as a judge)—much less execute "justice." Without discernment, recognizing good fruit from bad, either in others or ourselves, is impossible. One can only judge righteously when thoroughly grounded in the Scriptures. I Corinthians 4:5 warns against jumping to conclusions before one has all the pertinent facts, something God's people too frequently do. When God's people minimize sin, they become displeasing to God. God expects His people to confront brothers and sisters in Christ gently, without becoming judgmental (James 5:19-20; Micah 6:8). He expects the children of light to judge themselves thoroughly and to discern the evil of political correctness, which in effect sets aside God's law. Consequently, we must judge government, situations, and particularly ourselves at all times. Though we must not be judgmental (in the sense of passing a verdict), God demands that His people evaluate the spiritual fruit in themselves and others.



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