Commentary: Stupid 'Entertainment'

Folly and Modern Entertainment

Given 20-Mar-21; 10 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, reflecting upon the 63rd Grammy Awards, whose television viewership is down 53% from previous year's shows, largely due to its producers' concern with appearing woke, described much of it as blatantly lewd dancing, making Elvis's gyrating hips look pure in comparison. The times continue to wax more degenerate and lawless as lewdness morphs into entertainment for stupid fools currently dominating the entertainment industry (Proverbs 10:23). That industry, a putrid sore in modern Israel's culture, is under the control of individuals totally off the rails, speaking stupidly and irrationally, having failed to factor God (far more powerful than a fire-breathing dragon) into their thoughts (Psalm 14:1). Deceived by Satan, they are unable to see the grave consequences of their "message." God's called-out ones, having the wisdom of God, must reject the cultural decay (as reflected in this year's Grammy presentations) and instead faithfully follow God and His righteous standards.



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