Out of the Abundance of Our Prayers
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 11/1/2006
Jesus remarks that our lips tell the tale our hearts try to hide. Using this proverb as a foundation, what do our prayers tell God about us?
The Offering of the Wise Men
Sermonette; Given 10/14/2006
In this offertory sermonette, John Reid focuses on the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ and the visit of the wise men, happening much later. The delegation …
Our Core Business
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/9/2006
John Reid cautions that when corporations get rid of their core business, they become less effective. Likewise when we deviate from our core job of preparing for God's …
Our Hidden Enemy
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 9/22/2006
One of our greatest enemies lurks within us, poised to bring disaster upon us if we allow it to take control. This devious enemy even hides its motives from itself.
Go the Extra Mile
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 9/11/2006
The Sermon on the Mount contains a explanation of what it takes to be a Christian. Matthew 5:38-42 provides the principles behind the 'above and beyond' attitude.
The Wonderful, Powerful Gift of God's Holy Spirit
Sermon; Given 6/4/2006
When we receive God's Spirit, we cannot escape the responsibility of using it, being a light to the world in the correct way of living. Hi Spirit is His power.
Be You Thankful
Sermon; Given 5/13/2006
John Reid, using two biblical examples involving people healed of leprosy, stresses the importance of being thankful to God as He intervenes in our lives. The thankful …
On Works
Sermon; Given 4/19/2006
Works are necessary for a Christian, and have not been neutralized by grace. Good works serve as the evidence of faith; faith without works is dead.
Harden Not Your Heart
Sermon; Given 12/24/2005
John Reid, reflecting upon our deadly carnal human nature, warns us to be on guard against our deceitful evil hearts. God wishes to replace this deceitful heart with a …
The Feast Brings Hope
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/22/2005
John Reid, reflecting upon the plethora of stresses in today's society, observes that the saints are being incrementally worn down by evil societal pressures. …
When the Trumpet Blows
Sermon; Given 10/4/2005
Throughout Israel's history, the trumpet blast has always meant the onset of war, death, and destruction, ushering in harsh correction for physical Israel.
Thou Shall Love Thy Neighbor
Sermon; Given 7/9/2005
We are obligated to show compassion and mercy to all, refraining from gossip, exercising righteous judgment, forgiving others and applying the Golden Rule.
Did God Change the Law of Clean and Unclean Meats?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 5/31/2005
Were the clean and unclean laws abolished at the cross? A closer look at the pertinent New Testament scriptures reveals God's intent.
Why Are We Called To Overcome?
Sermon; Given 4/24/2005
In this sermon prepared for the Days of Unleavened Bread, John Reid examines the symbols of leavening (representing a way of life against God and against us) and …
Sermon; Given 4/2/2005
Though Christ has warned us to be aware of the times, we need to be more alert to how we are living. End-time events should lead us to repentance.
Thou Shall Not Covet
Sermon; Given 12/25/2004
Because virtually every sin begins as a desire in the mind, the command against coveting (lustful cravings) could be the key to keeping the other commandments.
Sacrificing to Build the Temple
Sermonette; Given 10/7/2004
In this offertory message, John Reid, again emphasizing the uniqueness of our calling (most people do not know who God is), stresses that we, of all people, should …
Why Are We Here? (2004)
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/2/2004
John Reid, asking the perennial question "Why are we here?" explains the significance of temporary dwellings, rejoicing before God, and learning to fear God …
The Patterns of God
Sermon; Given 9/26/2004
The final conflict at Armageddon will cause mankind to remember what their desire to disobey God, and what their obsession go to war, has cost them.
Swear Not!
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 6/1/2004
The New Testament strictly forbids oaths of any kind, as our word should always be honest and trustworthy.