Sermon: The Wilderness Trek and Judgment Begins


Given 26-Jun-21; 65 minutes

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Scott Lively in his article "The Walking Disaster Formerly Known as Bruce Jenner," declares that "there comes a time in every season of moral decline when 'slippery slope' arguments become moot, because all of the terrible things you predicted on the long downward slide have come true and you find yourself in the stinking swamp at the bottom of the hill, covered in mud and surrounded by rats and snakes." The chicanery in the takeover of the Democratic party is given cover and aid by RINOs (Republican in Name Only), a group of so-called "conservatives" who are in fact politicians just a short ten paces behind their counterparts, the liberals. Conservatism has lost its way and is now ineffective against the acceptance of sin and lawlessness, a situation which gives the nations of Israel perhaps a mere five years of survival. God's people, learning from their prototypes on the Sinai, must learn to trust Him for their survival, remembering that the eating of Unleavened Bread was a perpetual reminder that only God has the power to rescue them from sin and death. The physical Israelites of old and the Israel of God mark their freedom by annually consuming unleavened bread for seven days, representing God's strong hand of deliverance and not their own puny efforts at overcoming. God's called-out ones have been personally selected by Him, turned over to Jesus Christ for a rigorous sanctification process, including a spiritual trek, micromanaged by God. It is never an aimless wandering for God's people, either anciently or today. Like our forebears on the Sinai (who numbered more than 3,000,000 pilgrims), God's people must learn to follow the Shekinah Glory (God's Holy spirit) just as assiduously as ancient Israel followed the pillar of cloud and fire, continuing the spiritual journey as resident aliens to the promised land begun b



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