Sermon: Five Major Problems of the Pilgrimage


Given 28-Aug-21; 54 minutes

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The Feast of Trumpets focuses on judgment, a somber time when Jesus Christ will judge the world, destroying lawlessness and evil. God requires us, as part of our preparation to qualify as priests and kings in the Kingdom of God, to learn how to judge, beginning with judging self and then learning to judge others, applying the loving Law of God. Many of modern Israel's forebears on the Sinai never learned to use their emancipation from slavery properly, yielding to their carnal lusts and succumbing to immorality which consumed thousands of lives over 40 years. Like their ancient forbears, God's people today are on a journey as pilgrims marching toward a holy place—namely the Kingdom of God. As Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount, learning to judge is one of the most important qualities of a priest or king. Consequently, Christ warned that intemperance in judging will act as a boomerang, bringing harshness back on one who has overstepped the bounds. In the same message, He warned not to give what is holy to the dogs. Jesus does not say His People should never judge, but are to learn to exercise godly judgment firmly on the self before considering browbeating others—either in the church or in the world. Paul warns God's people to separate themselves from the world, suggesting that believers have nothing in common with the lawless. Like Jesus Christ, when He kept his mouth shut at the absurdities of His illegal trial, His people must learn to shut their mouths when confronted by worldly foolishness, putting a bridle on the incendiary tongue. As God did not take the members of the first century church out of persecution, there is no reason things should be any different today. As future kings and priests, God's people must learn and know the laws, absorbing them by reading or writing out the Torah.



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