'Before the Foundation of the World' (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 10/15/2021
We all have a part to play in the construction of the church. The apostles and the prophets laid its foundation, but we are fellow workers, building the edifice.
'Before the Foundation of the World' (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 10/8/2021
We can praise God because He chose us individually to be part of His people, His Family. His choice happened ages ago, before this present creation.
Faith and Contentment (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/20/2021
Because we have the faith that God is in charge, has chosen us for His plan, and carefully provides whatever we need, we can be satisfied with our lot.
Faith and Contentment (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/13/2021
A Christian can be content because his faith and trust are in the trustworthiness of the supreme God. The world is not spinning wildly out of control.
Appeasement (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 4/16/2021
In this world, appeasement never works. However, for Christians, the Bible shows a form of appeasement that always works.
Appeasement (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 4/9/2021
A Twitter user, referring to the continuing riots, posted, 'When you appease criminals to try to ‘get along', they see your weakness and take over.'
Forgiveness and Hope
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/5/2021
Forgiveness concerns each of us, and without God's forbearance, we would have absolutely no hope for anything beyond this brief, physical life.
Catastrophe to Blessing
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 2/19/2021
Paul says 'all things work together for good.' His words indicate a situation in which matters seem dire, but things will work out for God's people in the end.
The Crowns of Success (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 1/8/2021
Each victorious Christian in this age will be given immortality and crowned at the return of Jesus Christ.
The Crowns of Success (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 1/1/2021
In the New Testament, the Bible speaks of five crowns God promises to faithful Christians that He will give them after Christ's return as King of kings.
The Importance of Appreciation
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/20/2020
In addition to thanking God for all He does, it is a godly principle to take time to consider the kind acts of others and let them know we appreciate them.
Reciprocity (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 9/4/2020
What can we give God despite His owning everything? It is not possible to repay what God has done for us, but there are ways we can seek to reciprocate.
Reciprocity (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/28/2020
If you do something for someone first, they are more likely to reciprocate. And, the ‘favors' don't have to be equivalent—a small favor can beget a bigger return favor.
The Sacred Name Movement
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 7/24/2020
The name of God plays an important role in our beliefs, but some people associated with the church of God have made it the central focus of their religion.
Soldier On! (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 6/5/2020
God does not want us to allow hardships to paralyze us. Instead, He wants us to learn the lessons inherent in the trial and move forward in faith.
Soldier On! (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 5/29/2020
People often give up when tragedy or adversity strikes. We all make mistakes. But God does not want His people to think that failure is the end of the road.
The House of Annas
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 5/1/2020
The most powerful Sadducee in the first century was Annas, who was appointed high priest. Accumulating impressive power at an early age, Annas used it well.
Deliverance and Unleavened Bread
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/20/2020
The spring festivals memorialize the redemption and exodus of the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery, as well as our own spiritual redemption.
A City on a Hill (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 1/31/2020
We may never be featured in a museum, receive a Medal of Honor, or be the subject of a movie, but we can still be outstanding examples with our own lives.
A City on a Hill (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 1/24/2020
The eyes of the world are on those who seek to be God's servants. Consider these stories of people whose inspiring examples serve as witnesses to God's character.