Strangers to the Truth (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/10/2018
In any sin, deceit is involved. Society considers lying as a whole to be harmless. Everyone does it, so it must be okay, right?
Strangers to the Truth (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/3/2018
I heard two different people--in the same week--say, 'Truth is relative.' Many people think 'truth' depends on the situation, what is at stake, and who they are.
The Politicization of Motherhood (Part One)
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 7/12/2018
The facts indicate that children - and society as a whole - function better when mothers fulfill the role of nurturers in the home.
Optimus Modus
Sermonette; Given 4/6/2018
Proverbs 25:16 stresses that moderation is the best policy. Of all the fruits of God's Holy Spirit, self-control is the most difficult to attain.
The Politicalization of Motherhood
Sermonette; Given 2/10/2018
Mike Ford, citing James Taranto's article on The Politicization of Motherhood, showcasing a book written by Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar, a work which ironically has …
Sermonette; Given 12/16/2017
Two articles, 'Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways,' and 'Why Do We Lie?' both proclaim that lying is expedient, therapeutic, and beneficial.
The Light of Day and the Dark of Night
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/11/2017
If we keep God's commandments, we are walking in the light. If we hate our brother or become enticed by the ways of the world, we are living in darkness.
Hope and Refuge (Part Three)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 9/29/2017
Christ fulfills the roles of both the blood avenger and the high priest. He is our Redeemer. Redemption involves the securing of release by the payment of a price.
Hope and Refuge (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 9/22/2017
If we make it to the city of refuge safely, we have the hope of eventual freedom and forgiveness of our sin in the death of the high priest--Jesus Christ.
Hope and Refuge (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 9/15/2017
In common usage, we use 'hope' in place of 'wish'. But originally, it had a different meaning, that a person had confidence in a future result coming to pass.
Hiding In Plain Sight
Sermonette; Given 8/5/2017
Mike Ford, describing a picture of a fox hiding in the middle of a group of bloodhounds, with the caption, "When in trouble, try to blend in," compares this …
Is the Symbol of the Cross Idolatry? (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 7/14/2017
Nowhere in the Bible are we told to venerate the symbol of the cross. The early church certainly did not. It was introduced into Catholic churches in AD 431.
Is the Symbol of the Cross Idolatry? (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 7/7/2017
Will wearing a silver cross around the neck keep a person from harm? Will it stay the hand of Satan? Superstitions about the cross arose long before Christ.
What's Wrong With the Kids?
Sermonette; Given 6/4/2017
Mike Ford, reflecting upon the high prevalence of 'snowflakes' (i.e., anxiety-ridden young people) needing a safe place, exemplified by the Yale girl shrieking for a …
You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Sermonette; Given 4/1/2017
Mike Ford, acknowledging that learning is a never-ending process, maintains that senior citizens have just as much capability of learning as younger people do, but …
The Two Witnesses
Sermonette; Given 1/7/2017
Many have claimed to be the Two Witnesses. We can identify true and false prophets by their fruits, including if they teach that God's Law has been done away.
The Religion of Climate Change
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/21/2016
Mike Ford, exposing one of the most colossal frauds that ever existed, the global warming hoax perpetrated by pseudo-science, warns us that it has morphed into the …
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 8/24/2016
Everyone has a great deal of stuff, which we stockpile and safeguard jealously. How readily could we leave it all behind, as the Israelites had to?
The Gospel of Jesus' Wife
Sermonette; Given 8/6/2016
Harvard Theology Professor Karen King promoted a forged papyrus scrap, allegedly proving Jesus was married, after being scammed by Walter Fritz.
Does God Care About History?
Sermonette; Given 6/11/2016
Mike Ford, reflecting upon the test for which people who want to become naturalized citizens must prepare (a quiz battery of ten questions from a pool of hundred) …