Fear and Faith or Between a Rock
Sermonette; Given 6/8/2019
God's people are pressured by this evil age. We must remember that God will fight for us; we need to wait silently and patiently for His promised intervention.
Commentary; Given 4/27/2019
Mike Ford, citing a recent incident in North Carolina in which a man was charged with three counts of cruelty to animals for abandoning his pet fish, suggests that our …
The Peter Principle (Part Four)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 4/5/2019
God has given us certain gifts and the space to use them. He expects us to use them properly in service to Himself and the Body, and requires an accounting.
The Peter Principle (Part Three)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/29/2019
God has called us to be servants with humble attitudes. We are also expected to grow beyond that low-level position, gaining skills to perform well in our next job.
The Peter Principle (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/22/2019
We have our physical job, and then we also have our spiritual job. They go hand in hand. We are a witness to those we work with and to all those we meet.
The Peter Principle (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/15/2019
The Peter Principle is a concept in business management developed by Laurence J. Peter: People in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence.
Manoah, Father of Samson
Sermonette; Given 3/9/2019
Mike Ford, acknowledging the attacks on 'toxic' masculinity by militant feminists, who characterize men as competitive, lazy, jealous, and dim-witted, takes issue with …
Was Jesus a Vegetarian?
Sermonette; Given 1/12/2019
Mike Ford posits that we today live metaphorically in an Alice in Wonderland, down-the-rabbit-hole world, where up is down, down is up, good is bad, and bad is good. …
Knowledge and Wisdom (Part Three)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/23/2018
Solomon urges us to seek wisdom as we would seek for buried treasure. Wisdom is more valuable than any physical treasure chest full of gold Eagles.
Knowledge and Wisdom (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/16/2018
Some people seek fame and fortune with every waking hour. They are foolish because their priorities are wrong. What they are looking for has no value beyond the grave.
The Politicization of Motherhood (Part Two)
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 11/12/2018
The feminist movement has taken a heavy toll on the importance of motherhood to our society. For instance, feminists encourage mother to return to work as soon after …
Knowledge and Wisdom (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/9/2018
Anyone, of any age, with the gift of God's Holy Spirit, through study, prayer, and meditation can gain wisdom, that skill in living that we all need and want.
The Peter Principle
Sermon; Given 11/3/2018
As one uses the power provided by God's Holy Spirit, even one who has previously failed miserably can rise to astounding levels of spiritual competence.
Numbers Don't Lie
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/30/2018
There are responsible and irresponsible uses of numbers. Only God's numerical patterns are reliable, while all humanly-devised uses of numbers are bogus.
Knowledge and Wisdom
Sermonette; Given 9/8/2018
Mike Ford, distinguishing the terms "knowledge" (raw, accumulated facts) and "wisdom" (knowing and doing what is right), acknowledges that wisdom …
Strangers to the Truth (Part Three)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/17/2018
Paul reveals the dividing line between the saved and the unsaved, the undeceived and the deceived: Those who do not have the 'love of the truth' will die.
Strangers to the Truth (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/10/2018
In any sin, deceit is involved. Society considers lying as a whole to be harmless. Everyone does it, so it must be okay, right?
Strangers to the Truth (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/3/2018
I heard two different people--in the same week--say, 'Truth is relative.' Many people think 'truth' depends on the situation, what is at stake, and who they are.
The Politicization of Motherhood (Part One)
'WorldWatch' Article; Posted 7/12/2018
Feminism has been growing in strength through Western culture for more than a century, leaving its despoiling mark on the family, the workplace, and society in …
Optimus Modus
Sermonette; Given 4/6/2018
Proverbs 25:16 stresses that moderation is the best policy. Of all the fruits of God's Holy Spirit, self-control is the most difficult to attain.