God's Vineyard
Sermonette; Given 12/10/2011
The church of God needs to respond to the cultivation of the Vintner, preparing preparing for the Marriage Supper, yielding to God as He produces fruit in us.
The Foundation of God
Sermonette; Given 10/29/2011
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the most important aspect of any construction, bridge, building, or multi-storied tower, insists that the foundation requires the most …
Unbroken Spirit
Sermonette; Given 10/16/2011
Ronny Graham, focusing on the prophecy in Daniel 12:7 suggesting that the power of the holy people has been shattered or broken, says the church continues to scatter …
Signs in the Heavens, and Earth Beneath
Sermonette; Given 9/24/2011
Ronny Graham, citing an increase in UFO observations, speculates that the fearful signs in the heavens alluded to in Acts 2:19-20 and Luke 21:10-12 may refer to the …
Humbling Ourselves
Sermonette; Given 7/23/2011
Nothing gets God's attention more than those who exercise humility, an extremely difficult trait to learn. Moses, Job, and Samson had to learn humility the hard way, …
Wrestling With Our Brother
Sermonette; Given 6/18/2011
Ronny Graham, reflecting on his earlier fascination with professional wrestling, focuses on an earlier 'wrestling match' between Rachel and Leah. God blessed the womb …
Why Do We Fear?
Sermonette; Given 5/14/2011
Ronny Graham, analyzing how news reports (health, financial, political, and weather) influence our emotional well-being, asks whether we allow fears to control us or …
Why Did You Leave?
Sermonette; Given 4/2/2011
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the values of growing up in a small town, reminisces on friends who can be like brothers. When we first come into God's church, we have …
Take My Yoke Upon You
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 2/24/2011
The Bible makes frequent use of the yoke as a symbol of work, servitude, and union, but we moderns are unfamiliar with yokes due to our non-agrarian lifestyles.
The Lenders Are Coming
Sermonette; Given 2/12/2011
Ronny Graham, reflecting on an acquaintance's foolish proclivity to spend borrowed money, and the federal government's raising the debt ceiling—both neglecting …
Crazy or Christmas
Sermonette; Given 12/25/2010
If Christmas is Christ's birthday, it is strange that everybody else except Christ receives a gift. All of its symbols derive from pagan sources.
Father, Where Art Thou?
Sermonette; Given 11/6/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting on an incident in a restaurant in which a rebellious child disturbed the tranquility of the evening, comments on the dereliction of the …
Exhort One Another Daily
Sermonette; Given 9/27/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the phrase "we are family" used over and over after Herbert W. Armstrong's death, a phrase used so often it almost lost its …
Is the Land Vomiting Us Out?
Sermonette; Given 9/4/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the Bible's anthropomorphic personification of the earth (demonstrating a human-like proclivity to expel sin and evil like an unwanted …
Israel and Our Ancestors
Sermonette; Given 7/17/2010
The children of Israel claim 'stiff-necked' as a family trait--dense, hard-hearted, stubborn, intractable, impudent, and unwilling to follow God's lead.
Pentecost And The Holy Spirit
Sermonette; Given 5/22/2010
Ronny Graham, anticipating the imminence of Pentecost, focuses on Paul's use of the term "earnest payment" in II Corinthians 1:21-22, making the comparison …
Beasts Among Us
Sermonette; Given 4/17/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting upon the prophetic warnings about wild beast ascendency at the end times, suggests that unwise environmentalist policies may have been a …
Test the Spirit
Sermonette; Given 3/20/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting on many athletes boasting that they are the greatest athlete, cautions against the foolishness of exalting ourselves above others. Jeroboam, …
What Did You Say?
Sermonette; Given 1/16/2010
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the inventions of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and computer, making possible the World Tomorrow program, speculates whether …
Unity Through War
Sermonette; Given 12/5/2009
The Israel of God is in full combat. Our adversaries are not physical, but principalities or demonic forces. We need to band together as brothers.