The Crazy in Christmas
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 12/25/2015
Jesus tells us that we must worship God in spirit and truth. Where is the truth in Christmas? What is the Christmas spirit, and where does it come from?
Holy as He is Holy
Sermonette; Given 10/31/2015
Becoming holy is a process that spans an entire lifetime, which includes embracing God's holy days and tithes. Becoming holy takes continuous practice
Salt of the Earth
Sermonette; Given 9/30/2015
Ronny Graham, focusing upon a compound which has literally changed the history of the world, salt, declares that salt is the most sought -after minerals on the face of …
Sons of Thunder (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/14/2015
James and John do not appear to have been selfish, but men of action ready to meet a challenge.
Sons of Thunder (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 8/7/2015
In Mark 3:16-19, Jesus calls the disciples. He gives the brothers James and John a nickname, or title, "Boanerges," which is Greek for "Sons of Thunder."
Ears to Hear
Sermonette; Given 8/1/2015
As we hear instructions, we must apply those principles to our lives immediately. We are responsible for what we hear, and consequently, we must take heed.
No Need to Borrow
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 6/5/2015
God never intended Israel to have to borrow from anyone. How did a nation of modern-day Israel go from the greatest lender to the greatest debtor?
"Children Are Their Oppressors"
Sermonette; Given 5/30/2015
Ronny Graham, acknowledging that very few prophecies have occurred the way any of us had speculated, advocates that we take a balanced, far less dogmatic approach to …
Lowly and Riding on a Donkey?
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 5/13/2015
All four gospels include Zechariah's prophecy that Messiah would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. This misunderstood beast has a unique symbolic meaning.
Hair Care?
Sermonette; Given 4/25/2015
Ronny Graham, reflecting on his experience in finding a new barber, observed the wide kaleidoscopic spectrum of color for women's hairdos, from pink to green to red, …
'I Want To Be First'
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 4/17/2015
Satan challenged God because he wanted to be first. God, on the other hand, competes with no one. Nor does He desire us to compete with each other.
Jesus' Sufferings on Passover
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 3/27/2015
The sequence of events that took place on Passover, from Jesus' arrest through His death, was orchestrated so we could appreciate what God did for us.
Sermonette; Given 3/14/2015
Ronny Graham, citing statistics from the non-profit organization Open Doors, asserts that persecution against Christians is rampant and dramatic, escalating in many …
Leaves of Healing?
Sermonette; Given 1/10/2015
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the perennial growing season (including the dormancy periods when the leaves fall), focuses on the function of the leaves, both to provide …
Assassination of Character
Sermonette; Given 11/29/2014
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the frequent assassinations which have occurred in history throughout the world and in the pages of the Bible, focuses on an extremely …
A Table is Laid
Sermonette; Given 10/10/2014
Ronny Graham, cuing in on Psalm 23, reflects on the many uses of the term "table," in noun and adjective form. Perhaps the most frequent uses of the term …
Offering From the Heart
Sermonette; Given 10/4/2014
Ronny Graham, reflecting on the history and circumstances of offerings in the Bible, including the Queen of Sheba's fabulous gift to Solomon, Cain and Abel's …
Divided Loyalty
Sermonette; Given 9/6/2014
The word 'loyalty' is not found in the Bible, but is denoted by other words such as 'faithfulness' and 'steadfastness', and applies to allegiance to God or man.
Sons of Thunder
Sermonette; Given 7/12/2014
James and John had great zeal, but initially lacked eloquence and wisdom. Similarly, we need God to redirect our efforts to His purpose rather than our own.
Doubting Thomas?
Sermonette; Given 5/31/2014
Ronny Graham, reminding us that the first Christ's first fruits were His disciples, with colorful and varied personalities, focuses on the personality and character of …