Forerunner Magazine (2014)


What Kind of Worker Are You?
What Kind of Worker Are You? (January-February 2014)
In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon observes those in his time conducting their daily activities, and in chapter 4, he watches several people at their work. He concentrates on their attitudes--why they work as hard or as little as they do. How we work says a great deal about us, especially the kind of character we are building along the way to the Kingdom of God.

Baruch's Complaint
Baruch's Complaint (March-April 2014)
Baruch the son of Neriah, the prophet Jeremiah's scribe and companion, may have been a Jew of means and stature in sixth-century BC Jerusalem. The internal clues suggest that he hoped to take advantage of the "inside information" that Jeremiah was prophesying, but when things did not turn out as expected, he complained. God's response to his complaint is a lesson to us living in a similar time.

What Brings True Contentment?
What Brings True Contentment? (May-June 2014)
Many people torment themselves throughout their lives with the "if onlies": "If only I had more money..." or "If only I could lose a few pounds..." or "If only I had a better job...." People seek satisfaction in wealth, success, family, travel, art--and others through drugs, crime, and sex. But where does real contentment come from? In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon provides the answer.

Christians and Courtesy
Christians and Courtesy (July-August 2014)
The world we live in moves so fast that the simple courtesies are oftentimes forgotten in the rush of activity. Increasingly, children show little respect for their elders, people speak rudely to each other, and inappropriate dress is common. Such discourtesy fails to show respect for others, part of God's command to love our neighbors as ourselves. In this area of life, Christians should lead.

Watch What?
Watch What? (September-October 2014)
One of the consistent commands of our Savior Jesus Christ is for His disciples to watch. The word "watch" prompts images of a sentry assigned to guard duty as a first line of defense against attack by the enemy. But what are Christians to watch for? Are we looking for heresy? Signs of the times? Demonic activity? The return of Christ? Or are we to watch for something closer to home?

A Wake of Vultures
A Wake of Vultures (November-December 2014)
In the Olivet Prophecy, Jesus provides clues to forecast His return in power and glory to this earth. One of those clues is His enigmatic statement about eagles gathering together where the carcass is. Carrion fowl like eagles and vultures indeed gather where corpses are plentiful, and that is where we must start in understanding what our Savior meant.