Feast: Going on to Perfection


Given 27-Sep-10; 35 minutes

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As skin-divers know, the ocean is always unstable. If we do not latch on to our target in the ocean, it will quickly drift away, very much like the congregation in Hebrews 2:1. Today, we are bombarded by fast moving technology, competing for our attention, causing us to drift from our spiritual quest. God expects us to continue to mature spiritually so we can ingest solid food, enabling us to teach others the basic principles of God's way, but able to move on to spiritual perfection or living up to our full spiritual potential, patterning our lives after Jesus Christ who qualified for savior-hood by suffering. We have all been given different abilities and asked to improve on God's investment, but we have not been given more than we can accomplish. Do not let down on our individual responsibilities, and discipline ourselves as an athlete running a race, always fixed on the conclusion. We have a cloud of witnesses, including our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, who have already reached the finish line. God has provided us the ability to make it.



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