Sermon: The Unleavened Life Is a Happy Life!

Righteousness Brings True Joy!

Given 21-Apr-95; 80 minutes

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Some misguided individuals have denigrated the practice of putting out leaven as childish and something to be outgrown. The fruits of their lives indicate that they never learned the subtle lessons these customs or practices were supposed to teach. The annual rehearsal of these practices is analogous to a musician or athlete who must faithfully practice or lose his skill. The Days of Unleavened Bread define our responsibility in God's plan to purge out habits, attitudes, and teachings that do not conform to God's way. Paradoxically, as it must seem to our human nature, God's way of self-mastery, self-discipline or self-control (purging those unwholesome things we think we cannot live without) actually leads to greater zest and joy than from following our carnal impulses.



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