Sermonette: A Little Leaven

Much Can Be Produced From Little

Given 08-Apr-06; 21 minutes

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As shown in Ann Rule's book, Green River, Running Red (a book in which the author examines the twisted motivation of the Green River Killer), disastrous consequences emerge from seemingly insignificant origins such as a rockslide from a tiny pebble or an avalanche from a slight tremor. We are still suffering the consequences of our former church's lax interpretations of God's laws regarding leavening and the eating of unleavened bread. Not one person lives or dies in a vacuum. Our entire earth could be considered a life system containing life systems within life systems, right down to the cell systems, and the bacteria in our individual bodies. Because of Achan's sin, many innocent lives were destroyed. Paul, using leavening as a metaphor for sin, graphically demonstrates the corruption that occurs as the fermentation spreads throughout the entire lump of dough. As members of God's Church we must realize that our individual sins (committed in our thoughts, words, and behaviors) are never isolated, but sadly influence every other member of the congregation.