Biblestudy: Matthew (Part Thirty)


Given 20-Oct-82; 80 minutes

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Just as the Levites had a critical role, so also the church has various servant-leadership roles and offices, including that of apostle, evangelist, pastor, and elder—sometimes called bishop, presbyter, or overseer. All of these appointed positions carry the singular responsibility as shepherds to perfect, correct, and edify the saints, bringing the entire congregation to the unity of Christ. The series of events described by Christ in Matthew 24 should be compared to the six seals described in Revelation 6 and the seventh seal described in Revelation 7, showing a definite chronological progression from the Great Tribulation to the terrifying cosmic signs, followed by the climactic Day of the Lord. [Editor's note: the Matthew portion of the Bible Study begins at the 49min-30sec mark] [NB: This series of Bible Studies from 1981-82 is incomplete.]



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