Feast: Handwriting Is On The Wall (2019)


Given 13-Oct-19; 46 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, delivering the keynote address to the 2019 Feast of Tabernacles, continues the tradition of alluding to the expression "the handwriting is on the wall," a terror-filled message notifying the prideful and decadent Babylonian king, Belshazzar, that God would end his rule that night. A similar fate awaits modern Israel because of her own pride and decadence. One of the latest affronts to Almighty God is transhumanism: The supposition that God's creation is replete with flaws, including superfluous body-parts which supposedly evolved incorrectly. Humanists espousing transhumanism aspire to correct the glitches of human imperfection through gene splicing, replacing inferior organs with longer- lasting synthetic knock offs, and augmenting brain activity with implanted microchips, thereby creating a synthetic brain capable of importing thoughts to electronic storage units with a view of extending life indefinitely through mechanical and electronic means. Sex reassignment surgery is one of the many aberrations which has grown out of the transhumanist movement. Transhumanist thought is a true-believer cult, forged by left-wing, anti-God, evolutionist philosophy, the manifestation of the reprobate mind Paul describes in II Timothy 3, the aim of which is to repudiate all faith in the existence or purpose of God. The culture in which we live is deteriorating into abject immorality, and consequently the handwriting is on the wall. God has weighed modern Israel in the balance and found her wanting, ready to reap the consequences of her rejection of God and His Law.



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