Commentary: Michael Crichton and End-Time Disasters

Becoming Boxed in By Technology

Given 08-Dec-12; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the literary works of Michael Crichton, a former student of science, suggests that Crichton perennially asked the questions, "Do these scientists know what they are doing?" "Are they aware of the long-term effects and potential dangers?" and "Who will ultimately profit?" The state-controlled media will never tell us the truth about what is going on. The internet does allow us to delve into the truth, but the cumulative effects of misinformation have been mass confusion. We must focus on God's truth in order to avoid being duped like the clueless sheeples around us. Science has produced atomic weaponry which has been already used. The 'god' of science has replaced the wholesome food which God has given us with genetically-modified seeds which can make us sick.



Michael Crichton, who died in his mid 60s in 2008, was one of America's most prolific writers and also one of its most popular. His books have sold over 200 million copies in 36 different languages. And if you did not read his works in book form, you may have seen some of the 13 that have been made into movies. He was the author of 17 novels, including Jurassic Park, Sphere, State of Fear, Congo, Prey, Timeline, The Andromeda Strain, and Micro. He is also the creator of the television program E.R.

Mister Crichton was quite imaginative, but he was not only imaginative, but he was also quite intelligent and a very good student of the sciences. The storyline in every book that I have read follows the same general plot. Each of them is based on fairly recent scientific discoveries. Each of the discoveries is fairly well known in scientific circles, but just beginning to arouse the interest of people in the public sector.

What is intriguing in his stories, though, is that the as the plot unfolds, he is asking some concerned and valid questions, and he usually does this through one of the characters in the story. You might recall in Jurassic Park, the one who did this was Jeff Goldblum, and that's a role that he plays very well. Here are some of the questions that he asked: Do these scientists really know what they are unleashing on the world? Why do we need this knowledge. Is it really going to increase mankind's well-being? Where is this development leading? Are these scientists aware of the dangerous potential in what they are doing? Who is going to profit from this?

For example, in the novel State of Fear, he left little doubt that he believed that science had not developed this fearsome possibility of massive climate change from solid evidence that it was man-caused. Rather, it appeared to Crichton to be nothing more than a politically contrived money-making scheme, and he seemed to write with a fairly strong measure of skepticism. His last novel explored the emerging area of extreme nanotechnology.

What made me think of a connection between his novels and what we are reading in today's news is the rise of an avalanche of information on genetically altered foods, hybridized foods, corrupted and befouled air, water, milk, among other things, and tainted meat. I do not believe that he ever wrote on this area of science, and perhaps that's one of the reasons he did not live to a very old age.

Have you ever seen any pictures of the strange gods—stone gods—archaeologists have uncovered in their excavations at ancient city sites? I mean that they are, for the most part, downright ugly—ugly enough that I wonder, "How could anybody find anything artistically appealing in these things?" But some internal driving force motivated people to not only bow down to them in worshipful fear and admiration, but the motivation was strong enough that some of these people could sacrifice their adorable little babies in a gruesome belief of somehow pleasing lifeless stone images.

Have you ever seen any pictures of the modern gods, who are usually garbed in a white laboratory smock? They can be either male or female, attractive-looking with pleasant voices, and they often are viewed as selling some product. They will be presented intoning about the value of some medication that moderates or even eliminates some painful health condition. And if they aren't garbed in white, they are pictured in sharp business suits. Modern gods and goddesses are most likely portrayed as inhabiting some discipline of science, and this is because science—modern technology—has become the savior of the world that we live in.

But this leads to why someone like Michael Crichton and many others exist. If it were not for writers like him and many, many others who take the time and make the effort to research and expose the realities of the pain and death that this false god is wreaking, how would we ever know? Life is lived and choices made on available information. We can be, I believe, grateful to God for the existence of the Internet. Without it, we might be totally uninformed regarding the reality of what is going on, and our choices greatly limited. We get almost no news of any value whatever from the giant media stations. Their news consists of virtually completely canned government and business propaganda.

Let me give you an overview of what is happening. God tells us in Daniel 12:4 that at the time of the end, knowledge will be increased and people will run to and fro. This is a picture of worldwide, massive confusion coming from technology. It's a picture of people not knowing what to do or where to turn.

In addition to that, God adds through the apostle Paul in II Timothy 3 that at the time of the end, perilous times will come, right in the midst of all of this technology that's supposed to make life so much better. What comes is a very interesting three letter word after that statement—"perilous times will come." That little word—a conjunction—is "for," and it is telling you that what follows is the explanation. "For"—the reason why, brethren, is because "men will be lovers of themselves," and the next phrase is, "lovers of money." In other words, what God is saying is that these factors will precipitate the perilous times.

In contrast to what I just said—that God said in Daniel 12—we must be focused. We can't be running to and fro. We must be dead on toward a goal that we are called to work toward. What's happening is this: Science, the modern god, has led the populations, the sheeples of this Western world, into a large number of dangerous circumstances.

For the past year, in these commentaries we've been pretty much focused on the presidential campaign and the food issues. But there is much, much more going on. The campaign is over, and we know that God put the government of this nation in the hands of the most inept group of people I have ever experienced in my life.

Let's begin talking about science. I'm just going to begin it because this commentary is going to go on next week. Science has produced atomic and hydrogen bomb weaponry. The big news today is coming out of Iran, but the weaponry already possessed by the United States of America, and by the United Kingdom, France, and Russia—what they hold alone makes what Iran holds as nothing more powerful than a BB gun by comparison. And the United States, of all things, has already used it. The ice has been broken. Our scientific technology produced it and we used it to kill over 200,000 people in Japan in two bombs, one in Hiroshima and one in Nagasaki. This is what technology is doing when it's not controlled by sound minds.

Are you aware that right now we are only one major earthquake in the right spot on this globe near northern Japan away from a radiological apocalypse in the Northern Hemisphere? The fear is, by those who think about these things, that if that occurs and it's bad enough, it's going to wipe out most of the population in the Northern Hemisphere. Science promised us nuclear energy is perfectly safe to live with. Now we know it's not. It's a Frankenstein monster, a potential disaster.

Honey bees may not sound like a big issue, but their numbers are being decimated, and without honeybees, we do not eat plants that need the bees' pollination. And it is now known that it is science that has conferred the death knell on honeybees. Their hives are being decimated by the pesticides that science created.

Toxic vaccines, created by science, cause severe neurological damage to human brains, especially the babies and young children. Mammograms and other medical imaging devices cause cancer. They use them to make an image, and while they are using them in making the image, they may be precipitating cancer in the people that they are trying to save. The initial cause is corrupted food, which came—a gift from science—and the imaging adds to the problem.

We need to take an honest look, brethren, at what is threatening our civilization. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and they is us." Well, it's almost always now our savior, our god of this age, science is working to destroy us as well. So, God-willing, we will continue this.