Feast: The Pattern of Creation


Given 15-Oct-19; 38 minutes

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Mike Ford, drawing an analogy from a family heirloom quilt pattern, affirms that God Almighty has detailed blueprints for all His marvelous works. False scientists have willfully kept the knowledge of God out of their equations, but they sheepishly must admit that earth is unique from all other heavenly bodies in the solar system. This uniqueness sets it apart for its ability to sustain life. Because of its distance from the sun, its protection from celestial debris due to its relationship to other planets (especially the gravitational giant, Jupiter), its size, optimized for maintaining atmosphere, its abundance of life-sustaining, recyclable water, having a moon to stabilize its orbit, earth appears to be the only locale in the universe sustaining life. No other planet in the solar system has the right atmosphere to sustain life, a recyclable supply of fresh water, and the right combination of the three basic elements required for life: water (fuel), wind (engine), and heat (the ignition) needed to stabilize the temperature and establish eco-equilibrium. God has developed a pattern that His offspring can use for planet formation, a skill He will teach us after we assume a glorified spirit body following our resurrection to spiritual life.



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