Feast: Where God Places His Name (Part Two)


Given 21-Oct-19; 72 minutes

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The Third Commandment warns against taking God's name in vain. Besides the obvious understandings of profanity, swearing falsely, and speaking His name flippantly, the more important meaning is in the behavior God's called-out ones must exhibit as they bear His name. We must carefully bear God's name in our behavior and worship, the way we dress, and in our comportment toward everyone with whom we come in contact. God's name is a precious possession; we must not sully it. Because we, having the character of slime, would die from exposure to God's glory, the name of God, reflecting His characteristics of goodness, mercy, and compassion, is the only way we can approach God. Through baptism, we become immersed into the name of the Father and the Son by means of the Holy Spirit. We are starting to live the promise of being Him, immersed into everything God represents including His divine character. God will keep those who faithfully honor His name from the hour of trial. In the New Jerusalem, the glorified saints bear God's name on their foreheads for eternity. Revelation 21:1-7 describes the inexpressible glory God has set before us, in return for a little sacrifice and obedience. We will be fully God's children for all time.



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