Sermon: The Doctrine of Israel (Part Four): God's Indictment

Why God Had to Punish Israel

Given 01-Feb-20; 71 minutes

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Even though Jacob's offspring have had a special relationship with God, their carnal nature led them to perennially test God's patience, in the end waxing more corrupt than even Sodom and Gomorrah. Israelites deserves God's judgment because (1.) they had a special relationship with Him. (2.) Though they had the Commandments, they developed no viable concept of right or wrong, degenerating into pre-flood levels of immorality and violence. (3.) Even the women (supposedly the guardians of morality) became as debased as the worst of the men. (4.) Religion became only a cloak for hideous sins. (5.) When God tried to get their attention through natural disasters, they hardened their hearts. (6.) They failed to understand the majesty, sovereignty and power of God. The Sabbath commandment is the lynchpin of any relationship between man and God. Because the Israelites abandoned the Sabbath in favor of the religious practices of the Canaanites, their minds became so darkened that they became worse than the people God evicted under Joshua. Isaiah 29:23-24 assures us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. God will yet perform a marvelous work to turn Israel back to Him.



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