Sermon: The Doctrine of Israel (Part Seven): Romans 9

An Elect Remnant

Given 25-Apr-20; 76 minutes

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Paul describes physical Israel in Romans 9-11 as broken branches, allowing gentile branches to be grafted in, with the goal of the ultimate reinstatement of Israel to God's grace. As with many other aspects of God's master plan, things that look horrible to the uninitiated, unconverted eye, have a positive conclusion as guided by God's masterful and faithful hand. Paul explains to a largely gentile audience why the estrangement between God and Israel occurred and how it will work out for good at the end. In chapter 9, Paul acknowledges that people cannot know the what and whys of God's actions because they do not think with His mind. The righteous remnant stands in a privileged position, having peace of mind during trouble. Presently, God is working with a righteous few, whose work He will ultimately vindicate. Paul emphatically declares that God's choosing of Israel was no mistake and that His plan moves by His choices alone. Neither God's election nor His hardening of hearts is capricious, as both serve to enable a greater good. Without God's Spirit, human judgment of His action is inexorably and profoundly flawed. Figuratively, God's righteous remnant are on His pottery wheel, instructed not to gainsay His divine purpose, realizing that God's work with the elect is the saving grace of all Israel.



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