Sermon: The Doctrine of Israel (Part Thirteen): Jacob's Trouble

The Necessary Punishment of Israel

Given 19-Sep-20; 82 minutes

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God cautions His people about rejoicing over disaster, especially when an enemy falls. What goes around comes around; Schadenfreude leads to Karma. God prophesies that, before the time of Jacob's Trouble, a confederacy of gentile peoples (particularly the offspring of Ishmael and Esau) will bring about the destruction of the nations of modern-day Israel, considering their people to be "the Great Satan." The Feast of Trumpets depicts the resolution of an intense end-time punishment of Israel, Jacob's Trouble, during which time Jacob's children suffer intense punishment at the hands of those greedy to claim the physical blessings God gave Jacob's offspring. Ecclesiastes 1:3-11 describes the cyclical nature of events, suggesting that mankind never learns from experience, and consequently relives experiences over and over. What has happened in the past prefigures what is happening now and what will have later. The horrendous time of Jacob's trouble (recorded in Jeremiah 30:4-15 and Matthew 24) describes the captivity, enslavement, and scattering of Israel allowed by God for correction (for example, for Israel's shabby treatment of the poor and Judah's willful corruption of God's Law) leading God to save a chastened remnant which ultimately the resurrected David will govern. Knowing that God will mete out severe punishment, God's called-out ones need to get serious about putting off sin and drawing close to God in humble obedience.



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