Sermon: The Wrath of God

A Focus of Trumpets

Given 30-Sep-19; 81 minutes

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While people's carnal anger is selfish, stupid, and destructive, God's wrath is just, impartial, and swift. Love motivates the two intrinsic parts of God's holy character—goodness and severity, as He seeks to rescue humanity from the consequences of sin. When we establish a relationship with God, we must factor in both His goodness and his fear. As Christ's return draws closer, the fear of God's wrath becomes more important to us as we contemplate the Day of the Lord, depicted in the grim imagery of the Trumpet Plague. Throughout history, God has shown extraordinary forbearance to His people, saving His wrath for the time when the thoughts of mankind have become continuously and overwhelmingly evil. God has a breaking point, when, through His wrath, He punishes evildoers who have willfully broken His covenant. We must remember that 1.) God's wrath is based in truth, 2.) judgment and wrath comes only after man rejects God's forbearance, 3.) God's judgment is a reaction to real human deeds, 4.) God's judgment is totally impartial, and 5.) all human beings will stand before God's judgment. Only as we remain faithful to Christ can we ever hope to be under His grace.



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