feast: How Much Do You Value the Kingdom of God?


Given 05-Oct-20; 72 minutes

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Historically, martyrdom has served as a means for individuals to witness for a noble purpose. God's children need to determine whether they value God's Kingdom enough to die for it. Throughout Scripture, martyrdom has showcased people who practiced righteousness, beginning with Abel, dying for his acceptable offering, continuing through the time of Jephthah's daughter, who gave up her life in response to her father's foolish vow, all the way to Stephen, who received the verdict of death from the same court which had earlier condemned Jesus Christ for blasphemy. God asks His people to mortify their flesh daily by choosing to walk in the God's Spirit. Martyrdom for God's Kingdom is not a penalty because a person has failed to qualify for the Place of Safety; rather, it is a badge of honor for those who have overcome the Dragon by the blood of the Lamb. God's children must be ready for whatever He sends their way, realizing that He will give them the strength to endure whatever they must for the glory of His Kingdom.

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