Sermonette: Get Understanding

How We Get To The End Result Is Important

Given 09-Dec-06; 18 minutes

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The Queen of Sheba, a descendant of Shem and the Yemenite people, was extremely impressed with the discernment and wisdom of Solomon, suggesting that she had not even heard half about his ability to discern and apply knowledge. Solomon had not asked for wisdom, but instead for understanding and the ability to hear in order to render discerning judgment. Wisdom is the function of applying knowledge, understanding, and discernment, with truth, to all situations. If we ask God for wisdom, we will also need to be ready to work to achieve it. Good results do not just magically happen. Products requiring "some assembly" provide a metaphor of the processes involved in overcoming and attaining wisdom. There is no free lunch or no shortcuts on the pathway to success or wisdom.