Sermonette: What Is Christ's Hidden Treasure?


Given 30-Jul-16; 18 minutes

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The parable of the leaven hidden in the meal and the parable of the treasure hidden in the field show two sides of the same coin. The hidden treasure serves as the God-given solution to the corrupting leaven. Jesus never intended the church be hidden from the world, but instead that if should serve as a light or a city on a hill. This public display would occur after His death and resurrection up until His Second Coming. The superior wisdom of God, more valuable than gems and precious metals, has been hidden from the world at large, but given to chosen or called-out-ones solely at the discretion of God the Father. It is this hidden godly wisdom which enables God's saints to counteract the hidden leaven of corrupt doctrine. Wisdom that inspires an iron-clad faith (like the centurion's) is more precious than gold which perishes. This kind of faith, belief, and trust is meaningful and valuable to our Creator.