Sermonette: Submitting to Sin?


Given 09-Aug-14; 33 minutes

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We must analyze and evaluate everything that enters our minds from the contaminated media sources that primarily promote a leftist, secular humanist agenda, bent on pumping out a deluge of lies, undermining our belief system, throwing us into a state of utter confusion. Recently, the impact of worldwide media has painted the rocket firing Hamas as helpless victims and the Israeli's as Nazi exterminators. Ironically, both the Arabs and Jews are Semite peoples, but the media wants to foment anti-Semitism. Satan hates God's chosen people and will do everything he can to destroy both Israel and the Israel of God. In a hateful world, thoroughly dominated with Satan's mindset, where the UN condemned Zionism as equivalent to Nazism, we have a responsibility to analyze and evaluate everything through the lens of God's Holy Scriptures, which the world we currently live in abhors with vehemence. We accept most of our opinions, prejudices and beliefs unconsciously, just as we acquire our dialects; we must scrutinize our own beliefs through the standards and principles of God's Holy Scriptures, making sure they are not contaminated and marinated with Satan's diabolical deception. God's people will be known for their fear of lying motivated by their fear of God.