Sermonette: Patience


Given 23-Feb-19; 15 minutes

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If it were not for the ability to change, we could never grow to become like Christ. We may begin our journey on shifting sand, but we must end on the solid mountain. Not all change on our part is productive, especially if we reject our calling and return to the world. Our human nature resists our changing for the good. Some changes prove counterproductive, putting us out of alignment with God's ways. The changes we make should foster a closer relationship with Almighty God, resulting in a greater awareness of His presence, as with the case of Job. Having witnessed many of our brethren leave our fellowship, some having gone back to the ways of the world, it behooves us to examine our own future within God's family, our faith, our connection with God's Spirit, our endurance, our love for God and our neighbor, our obedience to law, our prayer life, our study of God's Word, how and when we resist temptation. One of the most valuable Godly attributes we can develop in this examination process is patience. Patience is active, a work requiring fortitude and setting our wills. Patience requires that we stay put and let God act in His time. We must reflect on the fruits of impatience, as demonstrated by Esau and the Prodigal Son. Because none of us know when Christ will return, we must ask God for patience for the changes that work to build our future in the Kingdom of God.