Sermonette: Part of the Plan


Given 20-Jul-19; 19 minutes

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The majority of those claiming to be Christians have embraced the doctrine of eternal security (once saved always saved), and believe that the concept of "working for salvation" (in the sense of qualifying for it, or earning it) is heretical. "Why should we work or strive to overcome if salvation is by faith alone?" they taunt, rejecting the notion the we must consistently choose to obey God. If the position of worldly Christianity were true, God would have rewarded both the man who hid his talent in the ground and the productive servants with eternal life. If works are unnecessary, why did the Apostle Paul admonish us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, endeavoring to earn the trust of God, as did the faithful of Hebrews 11? God alone has the prerogative of forgiving us, giving us physical and spiritual gifts, resurrecting us, and giving us spiritual bodies and rewards. But, God expects us to make an active, going-forward choice to walk in His Commandments, thereby earning His trust and favor, qualifying for a role in His family.