Sermonette: Focus!

How Our Focus Impacts Our Walk with God

Given 21-Sep-19; 18 minutes

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Joe Baity, drawing an analogy from the function of the camera lens to enable light rays to converge at a specific point, suggests that many spiritual parallels exist. Psalm 91:14-16 (ISV) states that God has focused His love on us, encouraging a reciprocal response. God wants to walk with us, sharing His path as Enoch and Abram had earlier. Similarly, God desired our ancestors to walk with Him in the wilderness, though they failed horribly because they did not focus on Him. We have two major advantages over our ancestors: the Holy Spirit and God's written Word. We need to focus on 1.) developing a strong relationship with God and our brethren, 2.) turning away from distractions in the world (Mark 9:19), 3.) taking a close -up shot of God to know Him, and 4.) developing the patience to see God, converging our paths with His.