Sermonette: In Whom Do You Place Your Confidence?


Given 07-Mar-20; 18 minutes

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The reports about the COVID-19 coronavirus by the politically motivated media are a mass of confusion. The children of Jacob have had bouts of despair and confusion throughout their history. When Moses led them out of Egyptian slavery, they were excited and filled with gratitude. But, as they became blind to God's purpose, they grumbled and fell into despair, demanding some of the creature comforts they imagined they had in Egypt. Moses, at the end of his patience, came to despair and even desired his own death. Lack of confidence in leadership led to despair, resulting in the ancient Israelites' believing God lacked a goal. The Scriptures warn us not to have confidence in self or other people, but only in God. Consequently, it is a mistake to trust the media or the leaders of nations; only God is worth of our trust. Without God's Word, we are like a ship without a rudder. When tribulations surround us, God admonishes us to bow our knees to the Father, so Christ, through the Holy Spirit, may dwell in our hearts, filling us with hope (Ephesians 3:11-19). Jeremiah 17:17 instructs us that God is our refuge in the day of disaster.