Sermonette: Thankfulness


Given 16-May-20; 17 minutes

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The adage "Familiarity breeds contempt" can apply to spiritual matters in addition to people. If the magnificent promises given to God's called-out ones become boring, they are jeopardizing their relationship with God. Malachi 3:8 warns God's people not to rob God. Robbing God extends far beyond the neglect of tithing and presenting offerings, but also includes 1.) ignoring God by de-emphasizing meditation, study and prayer, preferring to dwell on matters of this world, 2.) substituting the fear owed God with a spirit of nonchalance, thereby forfeiting His promised wisdom, 3.) neglecting to thank Him for the plethora of blessings He abundantly bestows, 4.) complaining about the trials God gives His children to develop character, 5.) refusing to praise God for the providence, spiritual gifts, and blessings He characteristically grants. The children of light need to emulate the psalmist David, blessing God's name always.