Sermonette: So Far Away

Avoiding Harsh Judgments in Difficult Times

Given 06-Jun-20; 14 minutes

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Policies regarding Covid-19 have virtually high-jacked civilization across the face of the earth, and along with the George Floyd protests and uprisings, are generating massive quantities of fear, anger and resentment. Nursing this trio causes God's people to move further and further from Him. Christ instructs His people to be merciful and sympathetic. God has given His called-out ones an understanding which is not currently available to those in the world, deceived as they are by Satan and consequently blinded by God's ordination. Because there is such a stark contrast between the world God's people anticipate and the world in which they reside, they must make intense effort to temper their expectations—for now. Paradoxically, when the children of light judge and condemn those living in this world, they become the world. Even more deadly than Covid-19 is the "FAR virus": fear, anger and resentment running amok in the human spirit. By condemning the world, God's people demonstrate how far they are from God.