Sermonette: The Reset


Given 06-Oct-20; 23 minutes

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A malaise has gripped America for nearly eight months, leaving the citizenry tired and scared as its elected officials have morphed into dictators who care nothing about the people they serve, but instead regard them as "deplorables." Isaiah 9:15-17 reveals that Israel's leaders have caused the people to err. One powerful organization of elites, the World Economic Forum, has been conspiring for years to establish a globalist New World Order, revamping all the world's institutions. These elites have contempt for the "great unwashed" and aspire to control them with impunity—deriving their energy from Satan. Politicians and educators are carrying out Satan's agenda by endorsing infanticide, euthanasia, sodomy, and all manner of sexual perversion. The "good guys" have lost control of the cultural narrative; it is time for God's people to let go while there is still time. The level of evil in the world has waxed far beyond what many would have imagined. God warns His people not to conform to this world; everything from the old way of life must go as God's "restoration of all things" overcomes the reset planned by Satan's lackeys.