Commentary: The Answer is in the Bucket (Part Six)


Given 27-Jul-19; 14 minutes

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Americans once held higher ethical standards than the folk of other nations. However, America has more recently degenerated into a cultural cesspool, now providing a poor example for the rest of the world. The left-leaning media has endorsed a large number of delusions: (1.) Transgenderism is a scientific reality. (2.) Gun free zones impel criminals to obey laws. (3.) The activist group Black Lives Matter cares for minority rights, when all too often it practices divisive violence. (4.) Voter registration disenfranchises minorities, when actually the real purpose is to prevent voter fraud. (5.) America's problems would fade away if government were larger, even though history teaches that totalitarian governments do not govern for the benefit of the governed. (6.) Government creates wealth, when actually it only redistributes wealth, in doing so destroying incentive and generating a subculture of entitlement.



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