Sermonette: Pillars in the Temple of God


Given 12-Dec-20; 16 minutes

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In its wider sense, a pillar denotes stability and strength, as in the phrase, "a pillar of the community," meaning an individual the community can count on for support. One major spiritual application of the pillar metaphor appears in Revelation 3:12, where Christ says He will make those who overcome "pillar[s] in the temple of My God." Collectively, the pillars of a building support its roof and therefore the structure as a whole, as it absorbs compression forces generated by the roof, transmitting them to the foundation. Applied to the church, a pillar, if it is strong and securely attached to the foundation (symbolizing Jesus Christ), will assist the other pillars (called-out members of the church) in supporting the burdens of God's work. God's people must not forget that they do not carry the load alone but share it with many other pillars (each having different, yet complementary, gifts). Each pillar must demonstrate stability, steadfastness, and permanence, standing upright and fixed on the foundation.