Sermonette: The Sound of Someone Listening

How Silence Can Serve Our Fellowship

Given 16-Jan-21; 17 minutes

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Bitter internecine conflicts have been a part of the American landscape from her inception. Her citizens have lost the ability to listen, the enemies of freedom having so successfully weaponized 'political correctness' to stifle opposition. The government, working in concert with the mainstream media, threatens to impose permanent 'silence' on all who transgress the leftist-secular, anti-God party line. Just as the people of ancient Israel stiffened their necks and thoroughly syncretized with the customs of the pagan world (Jeremiah 7:23-26), so have some members of God's church all too often permitted themselves to besmirch themselves with wrong-headed debates (Proverbs 18:13), splitting the already fractured body of Christ into more splinters. It behooves God's people to learn to listen, never missing a good chance to "shut up." Until God's people complete the glorification process, when their counsel will be most effective (Isaiah 30:18-20), they must practice the sound of silence (that is, listening), earning the approbation of having wisdom and discretion in the process (Proverbs 17:28).