Sermonette: The Back Door

The Fight Against Our Unseen Vulnerabilities

Given 06-Mar-21; 18 minutes

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An analogy from computer technology warns of Satan's ability to "hack" into our minds by exploiting a "back door" in our human nature. The power of computer hackers lies in their ability to take control of computers through a back door, implanting malware capable of crashing websites and stealing valuable information. Hackers set dangerous traps, but ones which look innocuous to gullible as well as wary people, in order to trick them into opening the backdoor. Satan was able to trick Adam and Eve, in essence hacking into their human nature, making pride look appealing, as well as producing a lack of fear of God. God allowed Satan to penetrate Job's backdoor, causing him to underestimate his vulnerability regarding self-righteousness. As in the cases of Adam, Eve and Job, Satan knows how to exploit the vulnerabilities of carnal nature for his purposes. Satan's tireless efforts to hack the human mind steal valuable time which God's people could dedicate to prayer, study, fellowship and good works. When a child of God strengthens his relationship with God, he at the same time upgrades his spiritual security software against Satan's hacking efforts.