Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Building on Christ's Foundation

Sermonette; #105s; 15 minutes
Given 11-Dec-93

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Martin Collins, reflecting on the 40 year rule of King Solomon, an era when the temple was built, points out that God required the builders of the temple to walk in righteousness and keep His Commandments. The builders of the temple cut all the stone in a distant quarry so that the noise of construction was never heard on the building site. Everything was fabricated before it was brought there. The entire sanctuary, including the floor, the altar, and the cherubim was overlaid with gold. The furnishings of the inner temple were lavishly constructed with gold. Even with all the quality materials and workmanship, its perpetuity would only be guaranteed if its people would walk faithfully in God's laws and statutes. Because Solomon's wives turned his heart to serve other gods, he brought a curse on his people, bringing about a split in his kingdom, a pillaging and deterioration of the once magnificent temple. God is not happy with the quality of our work unless righteousness accompanies it. The righteousness of Christ is to be the foundation on which our spiritual temple is built. Our works require the righteousness of Jesus Christ; if we don't have the righteous of Christ, our works are defiled.



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