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Conspiracy Theory (Part Five)

Commentary; #1245c; 11 minutes
Given 20-Dec-14

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John Ritenbaugh, viewing the unfolding conspiracies as shaping the dynamic of the worldview, which impact us as we prepare for the Kingdom of God, focuses on a conspiracy attempting to overthrow an entire governmental, economic, educational, and social system. Currently, the architects of this conspiracy have become exceedingly prideful, gloating on the successes of their sinister machinations. Its objectives are audacious and appear to be a fait accompli. The architects of this conspiracy fear a revolt of the American people and are feverishly attempting to confiscate firearms from private citizens. Reportedly 300 million firearms are owned by private citizens. No other country in the world is as as empowered to revolt. The conspiracy to confiscate these firearms is composed of many nations and rulers, attended by sycophantic educators, legislators, corporate leaders, and media-the infrastructure of many nations. These leaders are like a cancer metastasizing across the governing bodies. They are tightly organized and orchestrated up and down the hierarchies of authority, with the objective of leading the world's citizenry to a new world order, transforming governmental, economic, educational, social, technological , military, and religious operations over the entire world, beginning in the Western world. It has a gifted spiritual leader at its helm—namely Satan the devil. This conspiracy has developed over a span of centuries, beginning well before there ever was a United States of America. The great seal of this country serves as the emblem of the new order. The slow, steady development (generations of time) of this conspiracy, and the ties to an oligarchic family order, seems to indicate Satanic influence. This tampering and altering of the economic base was all prophesied in scripture.


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