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The Will To Change

Repentance In Light of Our Nature

Sermonette; #1489s; 17 minutes
Given 25-May-19

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In a well-known fable, a scorpion convinces a frog to carry him across a pond. When the scorpion stings the frog in the water, bringing about both of their deaths, the scorpion tells the frog that it is his nature to sting. Similarly, we carry around a carnal nature every bit as deadly as a scorpion's sting. Throughout Romans 7, Paul laments the carnal pulls which threaten to destroy him. We all may feel a sense of comfort that someone mature in the faith has the same struggle as we have. Repentance is far more than a feeling of remorse for past behavior. It involves a wholesale change of thinking, displacing our carnal thoughts with the mind of Christ through the means of God's Holy Spirit. Our fifty day walk toward Pentecost symbolizes a lifetime of overcoming, being transformed from our scorpion-like carnal nature into the godly character of Jesus Christ.



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