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No One Else Matters (Part Two)

The Carnality of the Apostles

Sermon; #1539-PM; 82 minutes
Given 15-Apr-20

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The New Covenant is vastly superior to the Old, having as it does better promises, better resources, and a better Mediator. Those under the Old Covenant, lacking access to God's Spirit, found it impossible to keep His laws. The New Covenant, made individually with God's called-out ones rather than with a nation, empowers its holders with the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16), the result being their tremendous power to overcome and to comprehend even the deep things of God. Despite having these spiritual resources, human nature still exerts a powerful pull on God's people; their spiritual treasure resides in fragile clay jars, subject to cracks and breakage. The apostle Paul, after 20 years of conversion, struggled against sin. The early apostles (Jude, James, and John), maintained an uphill battle against heresy and apostasy. Even though God's elect are the recipients of vast gifts, carnal people still lead them, people who can terribly damage God's people. These leaders, sinful yet often well-intentioned, sometimes carry a lot of baggage around, baggage which is the result of circumstances and of past mistakes. Sin even tainted the most faithful leaders, such as Matthew, Peter, Thomas, and Paul. Most (perhaps all) of New Testament Church leaders have skeletons in their closets. God instructs His people to follow them as they follow Christ.



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